Thursday, 15 September 2011

"If you love me pass this bill"

"If you love me pass this bill"

This is a quote from Nobel War Prize Laureate Obama.I was told about this about .5hrs ago and i really did think that it was some made up BS said for effect so i did a websearch and its fact.

Actually its typical of the narcissist wannabe dictator in chief but i dont think there has ever been a more blatant example of narcissism and self absorption and the cult of personality that Obama created for himself.I dont know his exact age but i would say 50yrs but this kind of behaviour is typical of small children who constantly need to feel that they are loved and adored and who need to get their own way and who havent yet due to their age realised that not everything revolves around them.For a 50 yr old its pathetic and shallow and infantile.Its like a 6yr old in a 50yr olds body.

ITs all about me me me me me me me !!!

I am the centre of attention !!

Please love me !!

I demand that you love me!!!

This is absolutely tragic and it will only appeal to the mentally challenged/ill Obama supporters.

The bill is something that will work against the supporters so its like they are assisting their deaths without realising it.The Bill is the Obama job creation bill.Again its all about Obama as any bill that is introduced by Obama/Democrats of importance like this one then it has to be prefixed by "Obama" just to reiterate that its all about Obama.

Its also laughable and typical that there are only presently 2 Democrat candidates in the running for the 2012 elections and one of them is Obama.Obama is like a 3rd rate corrupt wannabe dictator of a socialist/Communist republic appealing to a mass of indoctrinated Marxists.Its either vote for Obama or vote Obama.

"If you love me pass this bill"

Look at them all cheering as they are all ripped off for another 450 billion that will just end up being invested god knows where or embezzled or to create more jobs overseas but it wont create any jobs in the US.Another 450 billion wasted over a cult of personality.

To create jobs you have to create the conditions that are favorable to business and enterprise and remove unfair and slanted trade agreements and barriers to create prosperity which is some thing the mentally ill and challenged narcissistic wannabe dictator in chief doesnt seem to understand.

The audience are like a mass of retarded inane clapping barking seals which is an insult to seals.Its laughable and deadly serious at the same time.

"Taxes on the rich"

There are taxes on the rich and there are taxes on the rich b ut it depends on what is defined as rich but you can be sure that it wont be corporations and the 1 percenters who will be taxed.Obakma is always trying to play the class war card that appeals to the mentally ill followers who can only relate to the classes above them and who think that its "the rich" who are to blame and they probably think someone who is worth a million is rich while having absolutely no idea about the super rich and certainly no clue about the trillions that Obama has signed away to bankers.All of obamas politics on an outward level are presented in an infantile way to appeal to the followers.

Obama approval raqtings are at an all time low but will never drop below a certain level due to the mass of mentally ill followers and govt workers and stateists etc so you have a hardcore of about 1/4 - 1/3 on a good day .

This POS delusional illigitimate fraudulent narcissistic destructive lying wannabe dictator should be removed from office ASAP as should the entire Democratic and Republican party elected non-representative representatives.

Of course my views will be misconstrued as veiled racism but its not my fault that you are mentally challenged and unable to differentiate between policy and politics and race issues.I cant be expected to spoonfeed everything to avoid confusion as i dont generally cater for the mentally challenged amongst you.

Having said all that there are just as mentally challenged/ill Rick perry followers as the low IQ Rick Perry is busy creating his own cult of personality where he holds rallies and feigns being a god fearing Christian while the mentally ill/challenged right wing Christian base [or a section of as i am not implying that all right wing christians are mentally challenged] clap and cheer him on as they are on the mental level where they vote on looks and a hairstyle and sounbites and if you dress him up in some cowboy boots and a stetson it appeals to them.

I am convinced that for some there is no hope and they should really be left out of the voting system altogether or give them their own election where they can indulge themselves without their vote making any difference.Thats pointless though as we have that set up already

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