Saturday, 3 September 2011

My thoughts on Libya debacle:

Maggot Globalist NWO Filth.

[It pleases me no end that those filthy libyan rebels have got no idea what awaits them.They will learn the hard way that you dont dance with the devil metaphorically speaking]

Can you name 3 of the largest worldwide terrorist organisations ??


The UN

The United States


Which of those 3 is not a actually a terrorist organisation ?


The United States as its a country not an organisation but it is host to a well organised and motivated and radical terrorist organisation which uses the US military and intelligence agencies etc and govt to conduct various terrorist activities on a worldwide scale including domestically.Presently its well publicised activities are concentrated on[but not limited exclusively to] Libya and Syria in a joint operation with Al-Quaeda/CIADA using them as paid proxies to destabilise Libya and overthrow the Gaddaffi regime.

The UN are like the police.Always there when you dont want or need them and never when you do.Especially when there is ethnic cleansing and the routine indiscriminate bombing of civilians some of which are unfortunate enough to find themselves trapped in cities and towns by ALCIADA rebel forces like in Sirte for example.Spankee Moon not see this as serious problem for UN.

The Libyans have been completely and utterly fucked over.

I find myself thinking that since its not 100 percent proven that Libya was responsible for the Lockerbie incident and since Libya has been targeted by the West for decades and that there is good reason to believe that the info from official sources may well be suspect that its possible that Libya has been framed for the Lockerbie incident.Its also very interesting how Libya went from being a pariah state to one that was taken back into the international community and the reason for that was for all of the foreign investment into libya courtesy of the usual suspects so its like Gadaffi was stitched up by the West once it was a Go for the destabilisation and takeover of Libya which is ongoing.Gadaffi tore up the UN charter back ion 2009 but no action was taken at that point because the CIA instigated "Arab Spring" which was to provide cover for it to make it appear to be a homegrown legitimate uprising for the CIA/Globalists etc was 2 years or so later.Obviously those who have invested in Libya will not lose any of their investments if the takeover is successful which remains to be seen.....

I recall something from years ago concerning some evidence that PanAm flight 103 was hit by missile and not blown up by explosives as has been reported from official sources.I dont know any more without backtracking but its sounds plausable for the simple fact that both methods have the same end result.

Its also highly possible that at some point in the near future the ALCIADA/Alquaeda Rent A Jihadists will be wiped out by the Western forces or at least find themselves in opposition to them which creates the pretext for a ground force but my guess is that things will be allowed to get a bit more messy for the time being to make it easier to justify a ground force to occupy Libya.There may be other things i have not considered but it is 5.28am and i have been up since 10.00am.

What is very suspect are these tapes of Gadaffi that have been appearing that have appeared out of Syria that state that Gadaffi will never give up and the media which keep publishing articles stating that Gadaffi is believed to be in one place and then another and is hiding in a farm that was claimed to be authentic as it had the sound of chickens in the background.Absurd crap.Why publish the whereabouts in the MSM when its never invesigated so Gadaffi is fast becoming a new Bin Laden complete with a network of loyal supporters and terrorist connections just waiting to be the next alleged terrorist organisation/movement now that the US?NATO?UN are now friends with ALQuaeda but this time dedicated the state of war and unrest going on in Libya as any attacks on NATO ground forces will obviously be blamed on Gadaffi and also creating the perfect backdrop to get rid of the ALCIADA rebel forces.They will be set up and sent into traps if this continues as lots of things can be gotten away with in the fog of war and the rebel forces might find themselves in the wrong place athe wrong time or end up in a mass grave in a hole in the desert or blown up or whatever then the occupying ground forces will be in control and then the takeover is complete apart from any possible resistance from Libyans themselves of course.

So now the UN/us/NATO have played their humanitarianism card and subsequently discredited themselves in the process it remains to be seen what the pretext is going to be for attacking Syria which is subject to the same kinds of activities that Libya has recently been subjected to.My guess is more of the same regardless of its credibility as they have nio other card to play and it this point the UN/NATO/US do not have to justify themselves to anyone as the precedent has now been set and since they are the self appointed NWO world government they are not subject to accountability and there is no authority to challenge them in an official capacity.

Obviously this is not about humanitarianism in any capacity and it never was so obviously i rest my case and the court shall retire fior a short recess before summing up and the final judgement and sentence is passed.This is a hostile takeover that is about eliminating any opposition with civilians being of no particular importance least of Blacks.The Rent A Jihadists are disposable as they have suffered heavy losses already so the same goes.

Its also very curious how the LibyaNWO NatioNWO TransitioNWO council who are supposed to be an interim govt need to have a vision for Libya so the only reason for this is that the LNTC are not an interim govt but are in fact a regime that will be imposed on a permanent basis which is why it is ideologically driven rather than something that only exists to fulfil certain requirements expected of an interim govt.

Its perfectly obvious to anyone that a country that is in a state of war and which is having the shit bombed out of it on a daily basis with bodies stacking up left right and centre is in no fit state to hold any elections anytime soon particularly as war and occupations are very fluid situations so its like a sick cruel joke to timetable elections in 9 months time which is courtesy of the UN roadmap for Libya.

This makes it plainly obvious the dangers and risks of unchecked power concentrated in the hands of a criminal and ruthless bunch of elitist/militarist/corporatist/industrialist/Globalist/financier/banking scum.

They have now crossed the line and dont forget that the actions of Obama and the rest in not seeking approval for this was meant to make this kind of action and the UN legitimate as in the supreme authority.

The majority of people out there have absolutely no concept of what is going on here and how grave its implications.

WHO do you think is going to prosecute the US/NATO/UN etc for war crimes ??

No one is as they got away with it in Iraq and they will get away with it again and again because institutions like international courts and war crimes tribunerals are all owned and affiliated and controlled by the UN and its the UN that is allowing this to happen and they blatantly flout their own resolutions as they know they can get away with it.

Before i forget the US/UK intelligence outsourced the torture or terrorism suspects in Libya until very recently.everyone banging on about how bad Gadaffi is yet you ought to be paying attention to what your govt is responsible for as in what is being talked about here andf you all actively support your govt so stop being hypocrites and grow up and pack it in with the childish obstinate denial of reality.

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