Monday, 5 September 2011

Johnsons Baby Shampoo:

Good god is there no possible way for Johnsons to do something about the horrible noxious chemical smell of this product ??

Absolutely horrible and its a totally unique smell that is timeless as it has smelt this way for decades so it obviously has not changed its formulation for decades.Is it a smell that small children are supposed to like ??

Is it not possible to add something to make it smell of something less obnoxious like the smell of fruit like bananas or strawberries that kids like or something/anything except that horrible smell ?

Is it some kind of perverse idea that if you dont want to make the kids cry by getting it in their eyes you have to make it smell so awful that the kids would cry whenever they know bathtime is imminent ??

The packaging obviously hasnt changed since the 60s by the looks of things with the shape of the bottle and the typefaces etc and usually thing do change for the better over the decades or the packaging improves as in this instance its horribly dated and unpleasent and in most cases attractive packaging that is timeless is usually changed and improved as it were and ruined but in this instance packaging that is horrible and dated isnt changed.Its not like you could ever spoil the existing packaging of baby shampoo but its possible that a new design would also be naff but not as likely.

One thing in life is certain and that is nothing is 100 percent idiotproof.

It is like something out of the 60s/70s with that kind of chemical smell.It is full of foul and carcinogenic chemicals like formeldahyde anyway which is ironic coinsidering that they dont want to harm kids.This is to protect the children from bacteria apparently which is absurd because bacteria is everywhere and mostly harmless.

Even Vosene which was also horrible has updated its packaging design but i cant recall what that smelt like.


  1. Another brilliant rant, Peter, and I agree - as soon as we had kids of our own, Johnson's shampoo seemed to be an inevitable purchase. It's horrid stuff, AND it stings the eyes (well, my eyes anyway) worse than many non-kid shampoos.

  2. I am glad someone enjoys it as i have no clue as to who reads any of this[no visit counts or anything like that as i am not narcissistic enough to keep a count of visits] as i write for my own enjoyment.I dont do enough of the rants and i dont go for the academic approach to serious subject matter as i just sound off mostly.

    More humor would be a positive thing.