Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Bus wing mirrors:

Observe the yellow wing mirrors.I knew that this was an accident waiting to happen and sure enough it did.I was walking very close to the kerb today in a world of my own and all of a sudden out of nowhere BANG!!!!!!!! as the wing mirror of a bus caught the side of my head as it moved past and then came to a stop.Luckily it didnt do any harm but others around in the street next to where i was heard the noise it made and i heard a few "OOooooooooohhhhh"s and "Thffffffffffffffs" etc.It didnt actually hurt but it was the shock of it and then an almost instantaneous surge of anger at the bus and the driver but realising that i didnt want to go there i had it under control and didnt react.

The wing mirrors need to be redesigned and its very likely that they have already caused someone else some serious harm.

I think i have a very thick skull as i have been hit on the head in various ways over the years and i have never had fractures or been knocked out.I was headbutted by 2 people at once.One in front and one behind and i barely even flinched or felt any pain.I have been punched on the head various times in various altercations and again it had little or no effect.One instance was a Hells Angel/Road Rat/biker type who i was punched in the head by and it was pathetic so i told him that his punches dont hurt.


Nope.Please try harder next time.

I can confirm that i have seen stars after being hit on the head in a similar way to what you see in a cartoon except the stars werent moving around in the air over my head but at the point i was hit on the head everything went black and all i could see in the blackness was yellow stars.This was after a freak incident where i was hit on the head by a large smooth pebble that was thrown by someone.

Twice in the past i have been so beside myself with rage that i headbutted a wall.