Saturday, 24 September 2011


Consider yourself very fortunate if you have never had any dealings with scaffolders.I wasnt quite so fortunate or more like very unfortunate.They are like absolutely nothing else and are even more coarse and ignorant and dare i say it retarded than builders which is quite something.They even have their own language if it could be described as a language as its more like a series of shouting noises and even though i have listened to them so many times at the time of typing i find myself incapable of describing or articulating it.Ignorant illiterate babbling monkeys.

I have a problem with my latest scaffolding contractor who i only used out of desperation and i soon regretted that decision.Now that the contract is over i owe the scaffolder 300 quid in excess hire charges.Since he kept me waiting for 5 weeks while i was palmed off with a series of it will happen next Tuesday style broken promises i have decided that now its my turn to waste his time.He has to just take it as there is nothing he can do about it and its his own disrespectful attitude problem that is to blame as i resent this individual telling me when and where i should be working at any given time when i am his client.

There is also the matter of the clients tiled doorstep that has been scuffed up after scaffolding boards where repeatedly stacked up on it on end resulting in paint scuffs that will have to be cleaned up as i am not leaving a clients doorstep in that state as i have my reputation to consider.When i pointed this out to the scaffolder of course he denied that he was responsible despite myself being a witness to it.He wouldnt like it if i scuffed up the paintwork on his van.Carelessness and disrespect for others property costs.Also the tile that has been chipped is a victorian white china tile that is irreplacable.The impact of either a pole or a board resulted in a large conchoidal chunk of the tile now missing from the rest of it but luckily i found it and saved it.

My time costs and so does lying and disrespect for myself and others property not to mention courtesy and i do understand that if you are low class trash then you wont have much of a clue about courtesy but i still find a lack of courtesy and respect on the part of others offensive.

Monday is his pay day but his pay will be less than he thinks it will be and i will explain when i am counting out the cash how difficult it is to count out cash and hold a hammer at the same time.They all understand why i am holding the hammer though as i have done this kind of thing before with these types and once with some Pikeys.I can make my point without needing a hammer but a hammer helps to drive the point home and makes my point pretty much impossible not to get which is that i mean serious business if provoked after having my generally easy going and relaxed attitude completely abused by these types.

I am not going to pay you the full amount so WTF do you think you are going to do about it ?

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