Sunday, 30 September 2007


I am naturally very wary of people in general.It takes an awful lot before i trust them and consider them wothy of knowing or evena friend.This is because of a certain amount of ill treatment and abuse that i have suffered at their hands in one way or another.Perhaps there is something about me that they just dont like for whatever reason.I often find that they just cant be trusted and are always on the take and out for themselves and what they can get out of me.Also i often find that they are two faced as well .Thoroughly unpleasent selfish nasty creatures a lot of the time.If for whatever reason you dont like me then you can be sure that i wont like you either.Thats guaranteed i promise you.As for the opposite sex and relationships then refer to the above and then multiply it .i am very cynical of the opposite sex for lots of reasons that i wont go into now.i will save that for another day but needless to say i wont play ball with them and submit to their little controlling ways.They are often on the take as well.i find just saying i am pennyless helps to get rid of them quickly.And just for the record women arent interested in looks in the way it counts for me with women .It doesnt enter into the equation from what i can see.the less i say about that , the better.More like how much money you have.Well i am not paying for your shoes no matter how well off or poor i am .Get your own money to pay for your obsessive compulsive shoe fetish.By the way if you want to play the i am snooty and aloof then two can play at that game as well.i am just too kind to burst your little bubble of self importance and look at me i am so beautiful ness.You are not that beautiful i promise you and i find it a bit presumptious that you have to play those sort of games anyway as you presume i am looking at you.I am not.All i see is another snotty woman.i dont get good vibes of these sorts of women at all rather just a cold cynical hardness about them that i find very unattractive.

Its quite often a different story when i am walking the dog as everytime i do that you ask me is *That* a husky or a wolf for the 500th time .Its like the dog is a crutch for social interaction and normal social behaviour.Then your snooty attitude drops and all of a sudden you actually come across as a nice person for once.Is this snooty attitude some sort of cultural Meme ? I dont understand it but you dont get this attitude in london.Its a sort of provincial wannabe attitude when they are trying to hard and think that they are a sophisticated girl about town.

As for people in general then i have just been shat on too many times to involve them in my life too much these days so i dont get too close to them generally speaking.There are exceptions but not many .I have always been a solo operator anyway as i find life is simpler that way.Certainly less disappointing.

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