Monday, 3 September 2007

Losers part 3

Yesterday the losers had left and i went out at about 12.30.When i got back an hour later they were back in the house again.One of them was lying around with their feet all over the settee.My housemate had the good sense and all round intelligence to tell them where the spare key is hidden.Needless to say this will never ever happen again ever.And yes since you ask after the event i do mind very much if you tell everyone where the key is.Some people are just a liability to have around .Its fortunate that there is someone else here with intelligence to compensate for their complete lack of it.I get used to thinking for 2 or 3 people at once.

One of those who let themselves in overstepped the mark once before so i had to kick them out of the house.

The problem with being easy going etc is other people *Will* take the piss and take advantage.When this happens i start to get annoyed and the rest.Then they will regret their actions.It would be a whole lot easier for them to just not do it in the first place but they cant seem to help themselves as their biggest problem is their all round lack of intelligence.Its because of their apparent lack of intelligence that they are unaware of themselves as their brains cant seem to process and assimilate information properly.So the endless cycle perpetuates itself.Since this problem affects huge swathes of the human species then i am surprised that things are not ten times worse than they already are.Sometimes when i look at people quite honestly i find being Human an embarressment.Thats why i label myself as a seperate sub-species who coexists with them but is not quite one of them.I just rule 70% percent of them out of the equation and just stick to the other 30 percent remaining who are worthy of attention.

It runs in the family this attitude so apart form agreeing with it it is inherited.Call us snobs.I dont bloody care quite honestly.No one in my family has the "thick" gene either.We have no time for them.Its a good way to seperate the Wheat from the Chaff.I dont mean judging someone on an economic or class level.That would be ignorant and unkind.We just dont like Human Garbage very much and there is plenty of it about.Mind you Brighton is a repository for rubbish and i have been here a long time so it has coloured my judement somewhat.

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