Saturday, 1 September 2007


Most of my housemates friends are losers but not all of them.There are exceptions.I have had one round this evening and staying in the lounge for the third night running.What are the chances of this person coming forward wiith a token of appreciation like a drink for example ? Probably no chance whatsoever usually because they are broke.At the moment i am a bit broke .Its happens to everyone at some point.The problem with this lot is they are always broke because they never *DO* anything with their lives except sit about ,smoke joints and drink endless cups of tea and then constantly pissing all the time.Otherwise they sit there looking blank and forlorn or talk hippy layabout stuff or sometimes they just talk like they are a load of 18 year olds.They are all mostly around the age of fifty.What have they done with their lives ? I dont even think they know the answer to that question.Another week goes by and i get the impression that they are just killing time .They just all seem a bit pointless to me as they just sign on each week .They activly choose this as a lifestyle as they would rather be skint than to go out and do something useful or get a job.All these people are unemployable unless they get trained in something.I dont bother talking to them that often as i find their influence to be negative as they never have anything to offer and i cant stand their air of apathy and defeat and why bother ? attitude.Its only because i dont like to be mean that i let them stay and as long as they are up and out before i get up in the morning.

How i would hate my life to be like theirs.Its like they are not quite adults yet and have no sense of responsibility and no self respect.I was told that the guy staying here tonight tried some pharmaceutical drug that i have never heard of before .Something psychoactive and i was told it had a negative reaction.There must be something wrong with these idiots.50 years old and still playing around like kids."Wow man have you tried this man , its supposed to be like reeally amazing !! "Why not just give them rat poison ?They would probably take it.

There are too many hippy head types and layabouts in brighton.I find them uninspiring and dull.I get a bit tired of it sometimes but i just get on with my own thing and dont get involved with them and i wouldnt want to be in their situation when i am 50.No thanks.No life no prospects no future.They may not realise it now but they are in for a shock later.Ultimatly they choose to be where they are.They have made their choices in life and have to live with the consequences thereafter.

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