Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Rubbish part 3:

One call to the building company was returned but nothing satisfactory resulted from it.A second call was made on friday.No reply yet.Why they cant let us dig through a pile of earth i have no idea but resistance is futile.We shall dig in it wether you like it or not.We have tried being very reasonable.Now its time to start being unreasonable.I am sick and tired of talking to these soulless money orientated people in suits and i am sick of builders.They are all the same.This building company was awarded a valuable building contract by the council so why not give something back to Brighton?I hate and detest mean spirited people.Well its the archeological society for you then and the stopping of work.I will organise the dig.How do you like that then ?? not much i shouldnt think but you should have listened.People often insist on doing things the hard way.Why i dont know.They may just be prevaricating as people do when they have to do something that they dont want to do.People are very predictable.I want my own way and i *will* have my own way in the end.

We are also going to organise a dig on the adjacent piece of land once the builders have fucked off.

As an aside all the items that were being sold on Ebay have stopped very early.Nothing has been listed on ebay for 2 weeks now.I think i know why.They thought they could sell it all on Ebay and make a killing.They thought wrong.Word of this site has travelled fast as there have been diggers coming from all over the place to try and dig in it.Some came from Reading and Middlesex.These types are just in it for the money not the history.Well they can all just fuck right off as i have claimed the site now so you are all history.The only diggers who will dig on this site are locals that i know.No one else is welcome at all.Some people from Reading have been offering a 1000 quid for a days dig.Off you fuck back to Reading as i am not interested thanks.They have had their own tip to dig in Reading lately that was well publicised.

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