Monday, 3 September 2007

Just when things are going well.......

It seems that those two legged problem creators who work for Brighton council have been very busy lately.If something aint broke then why not totally smash it to pieces anyway and then repair it cowboy fashion.I pay christ knows how much council tax here to the Brighton council Mafia protection racket.Pay up or we take you to court.Well they have got something coming this time.

Instead of a once/twice a week rubbish/recycling collection the above mentioned cheapskate self serving lying hypocritical incompetent morons wish to *IMPOSE* communal bins in the streets here as they have done in other parts of this town.Hideous black plastic fucking abominations .Every one dump all your filth and rubbish here and all the other tasteless hideous trash furniture and other effects that useless lazy fuckers cant be bothered to take to the tip so that when the bins dont get emptied all the trash is all over the pavement.MMMMM Very nice.I pity the unfortunates who fall into the designated dump your trash here zone who have that outside their front door.

I feel like starting a council tax rebellion.

This is a disgrace to the town and Christ only knows what visitors think if they have been lured here by the endless spin and hype about Brighton .A world class city i am told.I dont believe it.Bullshit.The evidence says otherwise.The council cant even keep the streets clean.They are a sham and a disgrace.Quite what it is they are trying to acheive i havent worked out yet apart from the above mentioned shithole.

And the small matter of the West Pier burning down is another matter that is unresolved.Its a shame that i lack the physical evidence to report the council for being the culprits behind that act of vandalism but i know you were in on that anyway.I just cant prove it in a court of law.You cant pull the wool over everyones eyes.Not everyone is stupid.Make it look like it was the Palace pier as a smokescreen and something to take the heat off yourselves.But there wasnt any heat in the first place as when boats were seen next to the West Pier immediatly before the fire no Police were called and no investigation afterewards.Its so easy when you just have to make a call isnt it?.

That Labour head of Brighton council with the funny name that ends in Fish that i saw laughing his head off whilst actually witnessing the Pier burning down was quite a sight.Its a shame i didnt have a camera.It would have made a great picture.

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