Monday, 10 September 2007

Just when things are going well>>>

Update: Kemp Town Enclosures Emergency Newsletter: "Following on from the community bins updates you have been receiving,this one is just to say that you may make a Quiet [underlined] presence in the gallery of Hove Town Hall @ 5pm 13 sep to listen to the enviroment commitees discussion and the councillers views on Cllr Theobalds plan to install community bins in our area.Also if you feel strongly about this suggestion please do write or email Cllr Geoffrey Theobald plus a load of others.

Dear Geoffrey Theeyobald: Do you live in Brighton or Kemp Town ? Are you actually bald ? Do you have a brain ? Can i have a reduction in my council tax if you choose to ignore the residents views on the matter? We will see.

See you at the meeting or even afterwards. Dont worry i very rarely raise my voice.I very rarely have to .I promise to behave.I dont break my word either unlike Brighton council.

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