Sunday, 30 September 2007

Shopping at petrol stations:

Lets go shopping at the petrol station: You get this a lot at certain petrol stations.You get a mini supermarket at some petrol stations.Usually a Tesco reject shop.First of all the idiot fills their car up at the pump and then decides to do some shopping in the aforesaid mini supermarket.This means that all these dumb idiots leave their car at the pump while they queue up after filling up a basket full of plastic consumer crap and sunday Papers etc.Then they just have to pay by card not old fashioned cash of course.Dumb stupid idiots.I cant stand them.They have a drab air of greyness about them as if they are in some sort of transitory state between the living and the walking dead.Its the way they shuffle along like zombies with a look on their faces like there is no one in.In their half dead state time the passing of time has no meaning to them.Well it has some fucking meaning to me.20 minutes waiting for these dumbfucks can seem like an eternity if you are sitting in a car waiting to fill up.Its equatable to watching paint dry in terms of sheer tedium .This has actually driven me to distraction several times.I hate having to queue up with them as well as i cant stand their fidgetty impatience and they way that they have to do the equivalent of tailgating .As soon as you move slightly they do the same maintaining that all important 1 inch gap bteween myself and them.I can feel them breathing down my neck and i cant stand it.Often i stand to one side then i dont feel like i am having my personal space encroached.Tesco Express.TEsco lets sit here and wait for ages express.Tesco fuck this i am not waiting anymore lets fill up elsewhere express.Tesco who thought of using the petrol station forecourt as a car park while dickhead does their shopping express.Tesco oh fuck zombie fuckwit who was about to leave has just forgotten something and goes back into the shop for something else.Doesnt matter i am not in a rush express.Tesco why is the queue not moving forward at all express .Tesco why are some of the pumps out of juice therefore making the problem worse express.Tesco i can hardly find anything that i can actually eat except for chocolate or peanuts in this shop express.Tesco next time dont forget to bring a book express.Tesco look at all the dickheads with their range rovers and Chelsea tractors express.Tesco i am not ever going there ever again express.

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