Sunday, 2 September 2007

Losers part 2

Oh dear.It looks like the no hopers club have become a permanent fixture today.Good job i have my own bit of the house to escape to.Its terrible when you feel alienated in your own home.Still as soon as economics allow i will never ever share a house again with anyone. I wonder what exciting things they will not be doing today? More tea Mike ? More Tea Gary ?. I mean dont they ever get bored ? do they get bored with themselves ? I know i would.This is what happens when you have a welfare state that is there to provide in an hour of need not for useless wastes of space like these.It creates a culture of dependancy.Personally i would cut their benifits permanently or make them do something in return.Everything my Father says about these types is absolutly right."Useless layabout talentless fucktard wasters".They were around in the seventies and are still a hangover from it.Hippies always were a waste of space anyway as far as i am concerned.What did Hippies achieve ? Very little apart from some good music and other contributions to popular culture but apart from that sweet F.A.

I cant be bothered to show any interest in these people.There is nothing to show any interest in.Do i think i am superior to them ? Yes i fucking do.I think the reason they are here today is to prat about recording something for Youtube,.

"lets record something really wacky and silly" . Dont give up your day job guys,oh i forgot you dont have one to give up.

These people are fucked with a capital F . Fucked for life.Who is going to give them a job ? What have they got to offer ? Have they ever had any responsibilities ?
They cant motivate themselves .Motivation is their enemy or nemesis.Apathy is their friend.

Well i am going places so see you losers later.Dont expect a postcard.Enjoy your self imposed poverty and the dole queue.

Fuck it they are so uninspiring i am getting writers block just posting about them.

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