Friday, 14 September 2007

Just when things are going well....they get even better.

This whole issue of the bins here is a scam and the worst example of paying extortinate amounts of council tax while at the same time being treated with utter contempt by the sort of people i have utter contempt and disdain for.There have been lies,non existant public consultation,dirty tricks on the part of the council,solicitors firing off threatening legal letters that are not worth the paper they are written on etc boring predictable etc.Just another sad predictable pathetic way of trying to stop the residents voicing their own opinions.One name keeps coming up:

Counciller GILL MITCHELL . You are an unpleasent lying Duplicitous self serving arrogant unintelligent little oxygen thief.Not forgetting your friends of course. " I cant be bothered to answer these questions" you said at the meeting while at the time you claim to be unaware of these proposals.Of course you cant .Add that to just about everything else that you *cant* be bothered to do and thats why everything is in a mess.Your attitude says it all.I predict that you will last about 5 minutes when you are under investigation by the Council Scrutiny Commitee.You will have to answer questions wether you can be bothered or not.You also wont last long because you are such an appalling liar.You just trip yourself up every time you lie which is nearly all the time anyway.You simply dont have the intelligence to lie.

I didnt attend your meeting as i was on the beach and swimming in the sea and taking the dog for a walk on the beach .One of the few things i dont have to pay you directly to do.Is the beach a Dog free beach?Quite honestly i dont know or care.I do know one thing if it is a Dog free beach then you maybe YOU should keep off it yourself.That was actually very unfair and an insult to dogs quite honestly.

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