Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Mobile phones

I am going to stop this ranting as its too easy.In the meantime to the parents of young toddlers who instead of concentrating on looking out for their kids are rather more preoccupied with making calls and letting their kids run about in the road.2or 3 year olds dont have road sense so i would appreciate it if you would stop being an irresponsible unfit parent and take care of your children so that i dont hit them.This potential hazard could cause me a lot of wasted time and i dont want to put a kid in hospital thanks.Of course you will argue its my fault but you dont have the intelligence to see that you are in the wrong.And dont wait till they are half a mile down the road before you start your horrible shreiking to get the kids attention.And stop talking in that dreary voice that talks upwards at the end of every sentence as it sounds like a stupid affectation .Its annoying and irritating.There is a difference between talking and asking a question.If you havent worked out the difference then go back to a special needs school for adults with learning difficulties.

I just hope the kids dont grow up to be that stupid.

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