Monday, 3 September 2007


The house nearest to the lower right hand corner of the picture and the extension immediatly to the left was some sort of home for wierd people.We lived directly behind it.It seemed to be a home for weird men.Some or most of them looked like Axe murderers or Paedophiles.They were harmless as no one ever had any real problems with them that i ever heard about.You would quite often find them wandering up and down the road during the day or evening.Sometimes we would find them in our garden as well as they would get lost sometimes so we would have to report it to the home.A bit of a pain at times.I remember my mum being startled by noises in the garden at night and i did as well.Someone actually ran through the garden at night once.One or two failed burglaries as well not to mention all the carp in the pond that totally vanished when we were away.A Heron had them someone said.I didnt believe it.Also some one i was having a problem with at the time decided that they would creep into the garden at night and throw stones through our windows.Not nice but i knew who it was so they were dealt with by my father.little shitheads.

I still dont know who was paying for these people to live in this home as it didnt look cheap.Did they have rich families or something ?I still dont know but it was a private home of some sort.

Who ends up living next door to them ? I do.I have given up all hope of having a normal life but i would probably get bored anyway.

The Spellcheck on here is telling me that i have spelt Shithead wrong.I havent.The spelling is correct> Are you paying attention ? It is spelt S-H-I-T-H-E-A-D . Its quite simple once you know how.

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