Thursday, 13 September 2007

The global Monetary fund:

Ever wondered where all the money on the planet goes to ?Or at least cash that is under the control of the richest countries who control finance I.E Uk and USA.These two countries have the most influence in deciding future and present global monetary policy.these decisions include setting of interest rates ,lending and borrowing ,taxes,etc and when and when not to start and end economic cycles of growth and can start your own recession at home .Everyone can.Just stop spending and take your money out of banks therefore removing it from the economic system.People hoard all their loose change at home in jars .This effectivly costs the government and the bank of england money although thats very little.The only cost is the cost of minting coins and printing paper costs virtually nothing to make .thats how governments and banks make money.Lend it to the public and charge interest on it.Its a license to print money.If the leading industrialised nations decide they want a cycle of recession they print less money and charge higher rates of interest on it.A lot more.The opposite happens in times of economic growth.

This leads back to the global monetary fund.this is like a joint bank account between the leading industrialised nations and is where all the money that is collected through various means is banked.The more money they have in this account,the less there is for everyone else.The less money in this account there is,the more there is for everyone else.This is ultimatly how monetary policy and economic cycles are controlled.

At the moment it is roughly [The Global Monetary fund] in the black to the tune of approximatly 70 Trillion.This is by no means definate and probably as close as you can get as a guess as no one publicly knows or will say how much money is in it.Its a lot of noughts anyway.In reality it could be a lot more and also there may be other bank accounts with just as much money in it no one is awre of.Plus if you add up the combined wealth of what you call the "Elite" then add up to a lot as well.For example Her Majesty is estimated to be worth approx 5 billion.this includes land and estates plus other assets so shouldnt really be included as it is wealth tied up in assets and therefore not cash.In cash terms who knows how much the queen is worth?apparently she has business ties and apparently makes huge amounts of cash from insider trading of stocks and shares and commodities, so apart form her official value of 5 billion she is financially independant of that anyway.[tax free of course]

So anyway this is what happens and this is why you have rich and poor but obviously this is looking at the subject in the broadest spectrum possible.This is why the gap between rich and poor never really changes.Its all about having liquid assets.The rest of what goes on is just earning ,lending,borrowing,spending,etc of what money there is in circulation at any one time.The elite obviously dont earn any interest on what money is in the Global Monetary Fund.Thats not a problem however.They earn interest in what interest they charge on lending it and anyway they make so much money anyway it doesnt matter although obviously they can never get enough of it.

1 Trillion = One Million Million = 1,000,000,000,000 times 70 =70,000,000,000,000.

It is supposed to be for global catastrophes etc but not really.Its just that they have all the money and no one elses does

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