Friday, 28 September 2007

Rubbish part bloody 4 :

The saga continues.Everything up till now has been very predictable in terms of how everything has unfolded.More obstacles placed in our way.Very predictable.More trying to talk sense to the ignorant moron of a managing director of the construction company.How we hate having to talk to people like this who can barely string together a sentence.Boring.

The situation is now this: We have given up talking to them.A contact at University College London has now been notified about this site.This now means that they are also involved or the relevant department is involved.East Sussex Archeological society is now involved too.On Monday an archeological order is going to be slapped on the site and the pile of earth that contains the archeological material.This is now a significant site of historic importance.I also need to prove that the building company has been removing items from the site and selling them on Ebay therefore breaking the terms of their contract with the council regarding archeological material or anything lying under the soil for that matter.This shouldnt be difficult.This is a criminal offence in itself without taking into consideration the fact they have wrecked an archeological site.

Therefore in a word they are Fucked.

They were warned.They chose not to listen.Instead they chose to obstruct.

Now the fun starts.

The council are partly to blame for not writing in all the necessary conditions regarding archeological finds into the contract between the council and the developer.If it had have been then the discovery would have been reported in the first instance.Instead they have just rode roughshod over the whole thing.

This is the same construction company that after being awarded a lucrative contract by the council to build rubbish incinerators then finds very predictably that the budget for the incinerator it is building is set to go over budget by 50 % .This always happens because of corruption etc.It doesnt matter because its not their money they are spending.Its someone elses money mostly council tax payers.They have to pay for the extra 50 % themselves.Great isnt it?

It would be interesting to investigate it all and troubleshoot it all and ask to see the accounts.

Now thats what i would call accountability.

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