Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Grumpy old men by David Quantick.

I had a read of this last night just out of curiosity.This book wasnt trying to be funny i dont think or perhaps it was.I am still not sure either way.If you want to laugh at it either laugh at nothing or laugh at the stupidity of the writing.

Its crap. But David Quantik is a "professional" writer so it must be good then but its not good at all.Just a load of mundane observations and silly ridiculous analogies.They get on my tits thses sort of writers quite honestly.A writer for Harry Hills TV burp ? No wonder its shit.Harry Hill is shit too.He looks more like a Lab assistant who is also a Paedophile.A school Lab assistant perhaps ?Or even a physics or chemistry teacher.He would have fitted in well at the school i went to.

Amateurs. Another waste of a quid but it went to charity so i dont mind.

Humour = laughter Get it ?

These people are like the cowboy builders of the comedy /writing profession.Even if the finished product looks presentable it inevitably falls apart very quickly under close inspection and thats on a good day.On a bad day it is almost laughable but not quite in the way the person responsible had in mind.In the end you just feel like you have been ripped off.So do you give them a second chance?Yes if you dont mind going through the whole thing again.You know it will acheive nothing so just tell them to fuck off and dont come back again.

And while i am at it i want my money back. tell them you want your time back as well and that they now owe you ten minutes or half an hour or whatever.I did this with a delivery driver at work once who wasted my time.so i blocked his way out and sat on the back of the van so he couldnt move and counted down until i had wasted ten minutes of his time in return.

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