Sunday, 30 September 2007


Charity Street muggers or Chuggers : What started all this off ? Whose idea was this? Annoying creatures.Why do they bounce up and down all the time ? Perhaps they are trying to appear fun and wacky.They just look bloody stupid in their garish luminous colours and their irritating manner. Do i look like a five year old ? Do i need a person who looks and acts like they have just walked off Childrens TV to persuede me to stop and talk to them? "Hellloooo can we stop and play for a bit ? i am really funny and bouncy and jolly and all bouncy.Shall we play a game? Its really fun its called you give me all your bank details and commit yourself to giving money to a charity out of sympathy for the poor retard in the street who earns a living form bouncing up and down ,smiling a lot and waving their arms around". Do these charitys think that i am some sort of retard who with the mentality of a five year old who cant handle talking to an *adult* before i am tempted to part with any cash and bank details? Either the answer to that is yes they do or only these sorts of retarded clowns want to do this sort of work.Either way just piss off and stop waving your arms around frantically just to get my attention. Just because i look like i am friendly or amenable doesnt mean that i am .I am not friendly , i am hostile so just go and target someone else please.I just want to be left alone.Whats more i am not made of money either.Its always bloody Humanist charities as well.I am only giving money to wildlife and nature conservation charities thanks.
Do you honestly think i havent seen you ? You must think i am either blind or have no peripheral vision or something.I saw you half a mile away.Sod off.

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