Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Mobile phones in shops

No thank you . Its very impolite and inconsiderate that i should either be delayed doing my shopping and secondly i find it an affrontery that i should have to listen to your banal conversation.Wether it is about borrowing your friends A frame trailer or gibbering away in some foreign dialect that i dont understand i dont give a toss just learn some manners,use some discression and turn the fucker off or go and pace about in the street and do it and get under someone elses feet or even stand in the road and hopefully you will get hit by a car.If only you could do this and then paint a line of kills on the side of the car like a fighter plane.

People are a pain.They are often ugly and they often smell bad.I suppose thats why they spray themselves with god knows what.If you read the ingredients of all these pointless personal hygeine products they read like an experiment in chemical warfare.Thats the effect it has on my sense of smell anyway.Perhaps in much larger concentrated amounts you could wipe out entire populations with it.Use a lighter next to the spray to make an instant flamethrower.I read an Essay once entitled "Why capitalists like you to buy deodourant".Why not wash instead [once a day is enough,you dont need to do it more than twicE a day not even in a hot country].Improve your diet as well as that helps and while i am at it do something about that stinking bad breath that knocks me sideways if i stand downwind of whoever it is i am talking to inbetween holding my breath or not breathing through my nose.

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