Tuesday, 2 October 2007


I am taking leave of the messageboard for now.Its just a distraction really as i have to concentrate on other things now.Also all in all it has been a bit of a disappointment too.Why is it that if there are so many boarders especially new boarders ,then why dont any of them post anything ever ?Its always the same boarders day after day [myself included of course] that post and very rarely anyone else? Why ? The new boarders dont have to ask anyone if they can post.Just bloody post something ! Say something ! The messageboard is fairly lively during 9 to 5 office hours then its pretty dead.It is effectively owned by the same individuals who must post while they are working next to a computer.Weekends are like a ghost town there as well.Why is this? I dont get it.The messageboard needs new blood which it has but none of them do anything and get involved.Lurking on messageboards is a bit pointless as you can do that without actually joining anyway.

All in all i joined just as an experiment really or just as an experience.Its not one that i want to get involved in again really.Thats why i havent joined anymore.One was enough.On the plus side it got me into drawing so thats not a bad thing.Is there anyone there that i would like to meet at a Con ? I think not.Is there anyone there who wants to meet me at a Con? Again i think not.I will just end up spending hundreds anyway if i do go .Another plus to it all is reading 2000ad again as well.

i would be lying if there wasnt something said that put my back up a bit recently.Or rather not something that was said although it was indeed said,it was more like an underlying attitude that was present nearly all the time.

One last point : Why virtually no women? Thats a bit of a bore.i dont really like all male enviroments very much.It reminds me of being back at school again.Its a real pity that.One of the girls on the board left very recently unfortunately.I dont see why that 2000ad should be a male comic but the girls obviously think otherwise !!! and who am i to argue with them ?

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