Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Socom Combined assault PS2 game.This was a good game but sadly was ruined by the final level plus other things.For example what is the point of carrying just one single rocket launcher round?Its not enough and there is no allowance whatsoever for margin of error.Secondly since when does any tank fire ulimited rounds of shells for an indefinate amount of time if you are in its sights?This is bullshit.1 rocket launcher round? thats all i get? bullshit.Teammates that will not follow orders to take down target even when directly behind the tank?Bullshit.Weaponry from enemy killed disappears off the battlefield almost immediatly?bullshit .Leaving me in the battlefield with no weaponry in the field except a pistol?bullshit.Gun implacements close to tank target that will not point in the direction of the tank in question ? bullshit.Does it make sense to go into a field of combat just carrying a sniper rifle and a pistol ?[thats all i am allowed] bullshit.A complete lack of high vantage points close to tank targets?bullshit.Only 3 medipacks for a team of 4?Bullshit.Teammates who have a habit of falling off ledges and injuring themselves therefore causing me to waste medipacks that would have been unused otherwise?bullshit.Sniping rifles that mysteriously miss the target that i have in my sights therefore wasting what little rounds i have?Bullshit.Firearms that mysteriously freeze at a critical time when engaging enemy?bullshit.

I think thats it but there might be more.I did clear this once.

Oh yes while i remember once a tank explodes the crew of the tank survive and start running around trying to shoot you.would this happen in real life?i dont think so.

I have to admit that this annoyed me a bit and out of frustration i snapped the disc in half.I cant stand it when game programmers and designers do this just to make it annoying and difficult at the end.It spoils an otherwise enjoyable game.

I am giving up gaming for now as i find its a waste of time.

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