Thursday, 30 July 2009

Beware of the enemy within - Police state USA - Napolitanism :


US Democrat BullDyke Janet Napolitano instigates a Stasi like network of informers comprised of citzens.

I found that her voices grates after a while.

She is reporting to her *bosses* in the CFR and is reading a script written by them.

Why is drug trafficking a concern for her when that is the job of the DEA and the FBI ?

Why is it necessary to have travelled 30,000 miles around the planet to discuss internal security ?

The Department of Homeland Security which was set up by the GWBush administration is a Gestapo/Stasi like organisation that is mostly staffed by all the rejects from the CIA and the FBI and the ATF etc.She is trying to link up all of these agencies in an attempt to share their information freely with each other but no doubt the DHS wants to be the organisation that is central to all of them and ultimately make them all answerable to the DHS.She wants to centralise all intelligence agencies into one federal govt organisation.

The DHS is the political intelligence dept of the Federal US Govt.

The Enemy Within as it were justifies the existence of the DHS.

They hate the internet which is why she talks about "Networking" yet anyone with any awareness as to what is going on is never going to transmit sensitive information electronically anyway much less post it on the internet.

They are fighting a losing battle because they admit that they dont know what is going on which is why they are asking for help.

The term "homeland" sounds fascist or Nazi-like to me and she also pays lip service to Sovereignty when she is actually trying to destroy it.

An organisation is only as effective as those who work in it.

This is a key characteristic of a police state which involves intelligence gathering,agent provocateurs,wiretapping of,spying of,persecution,discrediting and the hunting down and silencing of political dissidents that oppose the regime that they are living under.

You are in a police state when the police are answerable to the executives in govt or when they become politicised so that there duty is to protect the interests of the state and maintain its political power.You can be sure that her bosses in the CFR who are economic,social and political terrorists wont be under any scrutiny from the DHS or be arrested by agents of the DHS.

They are not after criminals because if you see criminal activity take place or know of criminal activity you report it to the police.

According to official figures 7.7 percent of the population in East Germany were active informants of the Stasi but in this particular economic climate in the US hte DHS will probably be able to recruit a far higher percentage than that as financial incentives will be offered to recruit potential snitches and snoops plus there is no shortage of unpatriotic Liberals .I dont think coercion will be needed .Most of them are so stupid that they will do it for free pizza or Govt food stamps.

This is the individual who decided that it wasnt necessary to quarantine anyone arriving into the US form Mexico where the H1N1 virus allegedly originated from.

She is out to federalise all law enforcement down to local level and by federalise i mean that they will be controlled and answerable to an unconstitutional - illegal Govt.

In a way this speech is an open admission that there is a threat to the unconstitutional Federal Govt from within and i know only too well what she is talking about here and she openly admits that she is not concerned with border control.

We already have this in the UK already of course and like i said before in a police state most of the action takes place undercover with intelligence gathering and this is why the current UK government is obsessed with the collectioon and storage of information on databases not to mention the most intensive surveillance culture in the world.

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