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Totalitarianism '2009 !

Central planning you can trust.

Communism - Socialism - Marxism = Failure and Bankruptcy.

Always has and always will.

That which attempts to unite ultimately divides.

Balkanisation is a tactic of divide and rule commonly used and practised by Hard Left Govts.

Greetings Political Dissidents...

Heres one interesting opinion and outline of the origins of the EU:

Another interesting article :

Heres a review of a book that is essential reading if you are concerned about the rise of the United Federal EUSSR [I cant find an online transcript unfortunately] :EUSSR:The Soviet Roots of European Integration
Vladimir Bukovsky and Pavel Stroilov,Sovereignty Publications,2005,pp 44,ISBN 0 9540231 1 0,£4.95 [available from Amazon]
Reviewed by Oliver Crawley
USSR is not a definitive appraisal of EU
policy towards Russia, nor is it an
examination of the potential success a
Moscow application to join the EU may be,
both of which are perfectly reasonable
prophecies given the title. It is, on the other
hand, a collection of thought provoking
chapters looking at,in albeit skeletal fashion
in 44-pages,the similarities between the EU
and the USSR.
Bukovsky and Stroilov are both informed
and persuasive in their arguments. They
sway one into thinking European socialism
imposed by covert methods is the end goal
of the committed Europhile. Naturally, as
the title suggests, each point is then
paralleled with similar goings on in the
former USSR. The monstrous Constitution
or grossbuch (big book) is considered as
unintelligible and as lengthy as Karl Marx’s
Das Kapital. This particular comparison
seems to have thrown the authors into a
rant:“whydon’t they say,here is a roadmap to
the European Union of the Soviet Socialist
Republics,” they muse.
Indeed, if Euro-bashing is your vocation,
then this pamphlet may serve up further
ammunition to fire at the various European
institutions, from a perspective that is far
from the reported mainstream arguments
surrounding sovereignty and account-
ability. There are some interesting parallels
drawn between the break-up of the Soviet
Union, due to the suppression of ethnicity,
nationality, tradition and even prejudice,
and the potential fate of a more deeply
integrated European Union. One needs to
only look at the fallout arising from Turkey’s
application to the predominately Christian
and Caucasian club to understand what the
authors are talking about.
Furthermore, some of the resemblances
are undeniable. For example, one of the
heaviest criticisms levelled on the Soviet
system was that its citizens could not enjoy
basic human rights,such as the right to elect
by direct ballot those who govern us. The
authors equate this to the phenomenon
whereby “we do not elect those People’s
Commissars who govern the EU.” The
“sinister” Europol is also attacked, with its
European Arrest Warrant, its diplomatic
immunity and the “power to prosecute the
ill-defined ‘crimes’ of ‘racism’ and ‘xeno-
phobia’”. The authors speculate as to how
many former East German Stasi officers will
end up working there: “judging by the
example of the latest Commission, which has
seven former communist apparatchiks out of
25 Commissioners, we might have up to one-
third of them!”
Although light-hearted in parts, I found
myself often won over by the constant
comparisons with the darker forces behind
the USSR. Has there been a KGB style
‘enforcement’ agency covertly operating
from Brussels tasked with weeding out non-
believers? It is also suggested that the Left
had failed in their many years of struggle for
entitled consumers.TheAmerican Dream is
a dying concept; this type of selfishness is
unsustainable in this new age of global-
isation. The European Dream is a much
more accurate portrayal of the new world
order, one that is “focused not on amassing
wealth but, rather, on elevating the human
spirit.”If this were true,why then is the most
successful project within the European
Union – the euro – focused on wealth
accumulation? Yes, war-weary politicians
came together at the end of the Second
World War to create a continent of peace,
but the tool of their successors was
monetary integration. Pooling financial
resources was a way to create inter-
dependence and to remain competitive in
the global economy, not to elevate the
human spirit.
Secondly, the glossy veneer painted over
the European Union does nothing to aid
mutual understanding on either side of the
Atlantic. “Twenty-five nations, representing
455 million people, have joined together to
create a ‘United States’ of Europe. Like the
United States of America, this vast political
entity has its own empowering myth.”
Undergraduate Political Science students
will be the first to tell you that comparing
Europe to the United States is a dangerous
exercise, fraught with false analogy. The
European project fails if you compare it to
any other single nation state, and its
strengths are usually overlooked. The EU
represents a strong economic union; its
political integration is far behind.One need
only look at a lagging Common Foreign &
Security Policy or the recent constitutional
crisis to note these shortcomings. Coping
with enlargement is also a concern for the
EU, a bloc that has yet to navigate its own
best practices, much less be able to export
them to remote regions of the world.
One of the largest misses for this reader
was the lacking role of political will in
Rifkin’s discussion.One of the key elements
of US political strength is its citizens’
undying belief that America and the
American Way are worth defending and
sharing.The United States realises that it is a
leader. Its isolationist tendencies do not
derive from intense belly button staring (for
which the EU is often accused), but rather
the weariness of shouldering many global
security burdens. Europe has yet to prove
that it has the political will to be a
superpower. Its economic sway is daunting,
no doubt. But its refusal to invest in
upgrading its military capabilities is only
one example of the reluctance of this
behemoth. Political will for a strong Europe
is weak. This may certainly change over
time, but the EU is certainly not currently
capable of being a counterweight to US
The old saying – there is more than one
way to skin a cat – highlights an important
point. The American Dream does not have
to be dying for the European Dream to be
thriving. These dreams are not mutually
exclusive. Further, there are a number of
European Dreams in Europe, a Belgian-in-
Europe Dream or a Tuscan-in-Europe
Dream.They all share a number of interests
and ideals,but none of them is more correct
than the other. I would even challenge Mr
Rifkin to walk down the streets of London
and then argue that the pace and intensity
of many offices is not more similar to his
American Dream. I’d venture that many
Europeans are living the American Dream
as I write, and that – albeit fewer –
Americans pursue European Dreams as
well. It is this type of complexity that is
underestimated in The European Dream.
For this reason,this terrific read must carry
with it a warning: filters on,please.
Elizabeth Oakes is a freelance journalist and
currently completing a Master of Arts in
Contemporary European Politics at the
University of Bath.
Page 26
June/July 2005
And Finally…
The European Journal
Jump to Contents
countries. The only thing left to do, so the
authors’argument goes,was to try to seize
control over the whole of Europe at once,
and the EEC was the best instrument with
which to do this.
If there is to be a criticism of EUSSR,itis
that it almost leaves you with more
unanswered questions than it answers;but
what else can you expect from a 44-page A5
pamphlet? Expect to find arguments erred
at, but not overtly sounded, and ideas
muted, but never fully explored. This can
lead to a sense of frustration, as one’s
curiosities are not sated. If, however, you
allow yourself to be inspired to explore
these ideas through other media and
sources,then EUSSR may well be for you.
Oliver Crawley is an underwriter of profes-
sional indemnity insurance; his time is split
between Houston,TX and London."

Article that provides background info on Vladimir Bukovsky [co - author]:

Its also interesting to note that certain names are connected with the instigation of the EUSSR project .I wasnt in the least bit surprised to find out that a delegation of Trilateralists [Trilateral commission] like Kissinger,Gerard d'estaing,and David Rockefeller and other geopolitical mafia set up and attended a secret meeting in January 1989 with Mikhail Gorbachov to discuss and propose how the already collapsing Soviet Union was going to integrate with the west instead of being Isolationist and participate and co-operate with globalist organisations like the IMF and the UN which coincidentally are organisations that are partly controlled by Trilateralists like David Rockefeller.The roadmap to a federal EUSSR was predicting that the EUSSR would be in existence by 2004 was more or less correct butAs it is now it is 5 years late but there are only a few loose ends to tie up like *another* Irish referendum and one or 2 other stray nations that havent fully ratified their own treaties.

Not to mention the fact that Russia is unlikely to fully integrate into the EU and surrender its Sovereignty because it is clearly not in their interests to do so plus Russia is not in debt to the IMF.Russia has recovered form bankruptcy without borrowing cash from international bankers.Good for them.

Corruption is rife in the EU political system just as it was in the USSR.

The EU as it is right now IS a Trojan Horse and inside the horse is an awaiting EUSSR.

Because more or less everyone is too preoccupied with watching TV or playing games or chasing pussy or whatever they are all sleepwalking into Tyranny just like the US with the North American Union [NAU].

This might please various disaffected apparatchiks within the EU but there are others like myself who see this as a problem and who will either have to stop it before it happens which is hanging in the balance right now OR we will have to sit through a certain amount of time before its inevitable collapse.It will collapse because it is an abomination which is already out of control and also it does not have the will of the people behind it because if they had the opportunity they would reject it wholesale if only the respective Govts had the decency to put the Lisbon Treaty to the people and let them decide.You cant expect that to happen though when your Govt is full of pro EU Socialist Quislings and Useful Idiots.Traitors.

The EUSSR project is the vanity project of Globalists and Trilateralists.

Its all about control and domination Stupid.

The Majority of the Worker Ants dont realise this of course and they are not meant to either.

EUSSR = Failure and Bankruptcy.

THe EU has not had its books audited in 15 years.

Arrogant Greasball Barosso compares the EU to an Empire :

Watch :

Listen to and watch this video in 2 parts :

Subversion and sowing the seeds of dissent has never felt so good.

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