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Intelligence Vs Stupidity and Ignorance:



Wonkette is a Liberal slanted satirical and gossip orientated political blog .


I have visited this blog from time to time and i cant say that i have ever found any evidence of satire.What i have found is that the entire blog has a juvenile and adolescent and pureile sub-standard content and style of writing that one cannot be expected to take seriously.Those that do take it seriously enough to comment on its articles seem to be a perfect example of the kind of shallow fucktarded individuals that are in my opinion irredeemably stupid.Read the quality and the insight and inaneity in the comments section of the article in the link above to see for yourself.

I chose this website as a typical example.

Reading these comments does actully make me quite angry inside not just because of what they do say but more like what they dont.

I dont hate these people but i despise them and i despise them for their stupidity and ignorance and NOT for their political views per se even though they themselves are highly suspect.Ignorance and politics are a very volatile mix.Ignorant proles are usually what enables questionable and corrupt regimes to take over and cause havoc.

The more i read of those comments the more i realise that there is some kind of evidence of either a kind of dumbing down process that these individuals have been affected by or that it is some kind of unspecified mental condition because it is not just the apparent stupidity but an apparent blindness that they have to what is going on around them that seems almost wilful.

Its like their minds have been taken over or are under the influence of something unspecified.

Of course i dont like all of their political views but there is a far bigger problem going on here that is way beyond my own petty indulgences.Its far more important than that and it is of the upmost importance.These idiots are far more interested in celebrity culture and Sarah Palin and that is the greatest tragedy here.

Anyone who supports Infanticide is unfit for political office and they know who they are.

Note the use of the childish term of description "Freepers" used here by the Obamatons in the comments section of the articles.

These people are so stupid thay actually make me feel slightly sick in the stomach.

Intelligence :


[proof of intelligence]

What is going on here is a nation that is thoroughly divided down the middle and its going to get nasty unless it is resolved.This is because the constitution of the US is being attacked and undermined by the administration of the current incumbent of the White House.Its fair to point out at this stage that this has been an ongoing systematic process and the GWBush adminstration were just as guilty of the same thing with the Patriot act etc.Its also fair to say that the Patriot Act was widely supported by Republicans and that the Republicans were reacting to the events of 9/11 which as anyone with any reasonable intelligence will realise was a dialectic.Republicans or anyone who supported the actions of the Bush adminstration were led to believe that they were acting in the best interests of their nation when it appeared outwardly that their nation was under attack by Islamic fundamentalists.

In a sense they supported unpatriotic legislation like the Patriot act out of patriotism and extrenuating circumstances.This expains and kills any argument by Libs that Republicans are or were hypocrites.

In any case the Patriot Act was already written in advance and was imposed on the people and was not subject to the usual democratic processes and debate because it itself was a reaction to 9/11 and was the result of extrenuating circumstances.

If they had opoosed or protested against it it would not have made any difference.

That ends that argument.

With a dialectic the end always justifies the means.

I am absolutely without a shadow of any doubt whatsoever convinced that the US has been subject to a hostile takeover by a foreign power base that has a Globalist agenda .This started with the BushCon administration and has culminated with the Obama administration.The GWBush administration was indeed a Fascist govt and the Obama administration is to all intents and purposes exactly the same thing and is a deception and a Trojan Horse.Both administrations while outwardly appearing to continue the same Left/Right dialectic ultimately represent the same interests in the bigger picture.

What is happening now is there is a deliberate and systematic attempt to divide the US.The means to do this or the cause of the division in the US is the outwardly anti - US Constitution Obama adminstration and its publicly stated intent to rewrite it or remodel it.

It is becoming very very blatant.

This is a Dialectic and it achieves 3 main goals:

One is division which in turn if left unchecked will result in another civil war in the US.Definately possible.

Destabilised country + civil unrest = an easy takeover and suspension of all democratic processes.

The second is removing the obstacle that is the US Constitution because it is detrimental to those who wish to remake and remodel the US to assimilate the US into its place in the Globalist agenda as it has now been taken over by anti - American globalist interests rather like the UK.

The third is that the US constitution offers far too much protection for the patriotic US citzen in its legalities and prohibits and forbids the growth of federal govt and its innate tendency to not act in your best interests but to act in its own interests and abuse its given powers.Very important word is given.

The US constitution is a frame work of law that has supremacy over any legislature that is the legal framework of the US as a constitutional republic.

The US is a Federal superstate that works under and is bound by the US Constitution.

Someone recently said to me that the US is moving towards Federalism.That is correct in a way because the constitution is being undermined and if it is removed then you might as well be in the EUSSR or the former Soviet Union.

The US constitution is the common law or law of the land and ultimately no one can be immune to it or circumvent it or remove it.It is sacrosanct if you like.It is the principle as a whole that a nation was founded on.

It is a system of checks and balances put into place to protect you from takeovers by hostile govts foreign or domestic and in this particular case its both.

If the US Constitution is not protected then they will find themselves living under a Totalitarian Unilateral globalist/UN legal framework with no checks and balances.

That is the nightmare scenario.

What is the tragedy here is that you would think that the US Constitution would be something that both sides of the political fence could have a common interest in preserving and could unite over despite differences.Thats not to mention that any govt is sworn into office on the basis that they uphold and preserve and defend its principles.

This is sadly not the case.

Ultimately though anyone who acts in contradiction of the US constitution or supports an adminstration that violates it is by default a traitor and is potentially liable to be dealt with using extreme prejudice.

Thats how these problems are usually solved and thats what the law of the land dictates.

Exactly the same goes for the UK as it is a Constitutional Monarchy.

This has nothing to do with the far right and nationalists or any other kind of extreme politics as anyone on the right side of this has no time for Racism or anything else like that that has no place in its political outlook.I have been on lots of forums regarding this subject and the racists and extremists etc are usually in the minority given all of the comments posted that i have read.Also a lot of the extreme comments that i have read are quite often from trolls.

There is one forum i visit where the US National Socialist Party continually post a link to their website plus various comments that invite or implore you to join them.

Its always the same as whenever there is civil unrest or the political system is unstable you always get a sudden proliferation of various types of political extremists both left and right and all the worst examples of humanity and political garbage and the lunatic fringe all wanting a piece of the action.

Humans are a fucking liability when you look at the state of things today but i refuse to become nihilistic about it.

I just hope that if the worst happens justice will prevail but there is no guarantee of that anymore.

As much as despised the GWBush administration this latest administration is far more sinister and potentially hostile and unpleasent than they were.Personally i get a very bad feeling about them that is partly gut instinct and partly out of what i know and partly the logical conclusion of it all.Its easy to see where all this going.

Outwardly those in power are in opposition when behind the scenes they are all in on it together.Elections [depending on the choice of candidates of course] are just a front that are meant to con you into believing that voting changes things.

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