Sunday, 12 July 2009

A call to Arms/ A voice in the wilderness/A pointless wate of time becuase no one listens ?

I am not religious in the typical sense of it [Gods - Prophets ertc etc] but with the shit that is going down [and is accelarating] and is going to go down then God help us all.

Never mind worrying about a triviality like the BNP because i can stipulate right now that they will not get into power ever.

This is what you should be concerned about.

Worldwide Nazism/Totalitarianism/Bolshevikism.

Its Brave New World and 1984 and its real and its a Nightmare.

I dont want to sound like i am a victim of some sort of narcissistic complex or delusional in any way but i have always felt that i am here for a reason and that reason is to help fight this shit by speaking out as i always felt like i would be some kind of revolutionary or someone who is willing to fight for freedom but never ever until recently did i ever consider that this would ever be an option in reality.

It sounds narcissistic by default as its unavoidable but i speak from the Heart.

It was more a case of having high principles and identifying with others either in reality or in fiction and their own principles and being of the mind that being free is worth is a value worth fighting for.

Why subjegate yourself [and therefore your children] voluntarily by your own inaction ?

All i know now is that there is a storm coming and in fact it is already here and started last year and that there are forces of darkness at work right now and i cannot sit back and let it ll happen.

Its pretty obvious that i dont care what others think and how they might think that i am wrong or deluded which i am not because unless you havent been paying attention or have been unable to distance yourself from spoon - fed mainstream media propaganda and lack critical thinking /observational capacities to understand what is going on around you then thats more your problem than mine and the chances are that i probably know more about this kind of Shit than you do.

Damned if i am going to let you drag me down with you.

The lowlifes,Degenerates and Amoral criminals who assume that they have some kind of divine right to rule over us while they outwardly treat us with contempt are starting to reveal their true colors which i always knew were there anyway.

Enjoy the relative normality that we still have right now as i feel that it isnt going to last that much longer.

The net is closing in.

Start behaving like responsible intelligent adults instead of lazy , selfish ,complacent self interested overgrown children.

You can only disown your responsibilities and bury your head in the sand for only so long and if you choose to continue to do so and are unwilling to change your ways then you are worthless to us and are complicit and are therefore Traitors and collaborators.

What can you do ?

Start thinking for yourself.

Get up and stand up for your own birthright and rights that you are all too lazy and selfish to appreciate having.

Stop being so stupid and lazy.

WE are at War now believe it or not.

Its simply about us against them.

Its about Good vs Evil.

Its about doing whats right.

Its about not being reduced to the same status as a Slave.

Get your Fucking act together and do it Fast as your own life depends on it.

We are recruiting and We want You to sign up.

This is not a joke or a wind up.

This is reality and its no fucking joke.


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