Monday, 20 July 2009

Henry Paulsons conflict of interest :


Another FED criminal folding under questioning because of the stress that he is under because he is lying and you dont need a lie detector to see that.

This is the individual who threatened the US with economic terrorism last fall if the bailouts were not approved by threatening the US with martial law.

Financial terrorist.

Ugly offensive creepy creature.

Guilty of taking money off taxpayers that was given under good faith and trust that has been systematically abused.

Take the money and run.Not enough accountability.

No tax paid on the profit made from selling 200 million USD worth of shares from Goldman Sachs.

He should have been arrested on the spot and interrogated and when he is interrogated he wont last long and he will rat on all his Bankster friends as well and expose more of the fraud and criminality that has been going on within the FED and other criminal organisations like Goldman Sachs.

It doesnt matter to individuals like this that others are losing their homes when this POS was given the money to secure their homes against foreclosure.


In china 10 percent of the population hold roughly 90 percent of the wealth.

In the US 1 to 3 percent of the population hold 90 percent of the wealth .

Its the reason why Communism and Marxism fails and its the reason why Capitalism in its present incarnation is failing.

The whole political structure here and in the US is one massive conflict of interest with one of the conflicting interests being more important than the other.

The true figure of Bailouts since 2007 amounts to 23.7 Trillion USD.

Every US citzen has a tax bill of 80,000 USD.

Its all virtual FED Mickey Mouse money that never existed in the first place anyway so the IRS tax invoice should be re-adjusted to 0 and sent back .

Simple really.

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