Saturday, 11 July 2009

Sir Evelyn De Rothschild :

Link to revealing video :

Sir England EE Wrath-child.

So Evil Inn De Wrath-Child.

The Evil Line Of Wrath-Childs.

The Evil In De Wraths-child.

Words and names and letters have specific resonances.

Watch this slimy POS who is behind this entire banking robber baron bailout scam pay lip service to poor pensioners in the UK and those who are losing their jobs ,and business and financial security and assets.

Watch him praise Useful Idiot/NWO Shill Gordon Brown.

What does this POS do to avoid financial disaster and collapse and bad investments ?

He invests in UK Govt bonds.

I had to laugh when the interviewer presses So Evil - Inn about where and how he invests his cash and he said "Government Bonds".

He creates the collapse and then cleans up afterwards by gaining control of the banking system and implements his own conditions and regulations upon it.

No mention from So Evil - Inn about putting an end to fractional reserve banking [which he started] or abolishing the FED and actually changing *anything* about the causes of the banking collapse.

If the solution to the problem has anything to do with addressing those problems that i have just mentioned then he is going to ignore them as he wont want to stop screwing us out of every penny or cent possible .He doesnt want to end the cycle of debt and Usury and slavery.

Depending on estimates of his wealth as individuals like this dont appear in Sunday Times Rich Lists i would hazard an educated guess that the extent of his wealth that includes holdings in every large multinational corporation possible plus assets and every kind of investment possible not to mention wholesale ownership of the worldwide economic system i would say that we are talking 500 Trillion GBP ?

Its an ever increasing unstoppable supply of money going into his offshore bank accounts.

He never loses money.You dont lose money when you own and control the financial system.

He has an unquenchable thirst for money and power and control and influence that will eventually be his undoing.

Depending on the scale of his investment in UK Govt bonds you could say that he effectivly owns the UK and its Govt.

He says that he "retired from banking 4 years ago".

Again i had to laugh at that statement as i know its a lie as he hasnt retired from banking and investment.Far from it.

I have an idea that would be an effective way of ending poverty and ending the banking and debt crisis that would ease the plight of the worlds population that exist in poverty and the pensioners and the unemployed and the foreclosed upon by the banks that he own that he pays lip service to and that is this :

He appears in public from time to time.


Someone shoot this Piece Of Shit and seize his assets and redistribute the wealth to the poor and the needy.Give everyone a piece of it and wipe out their debts completely.

Guaranteed way to end the financial crisis and get spending going again.

End financial slavery.

Everytime i or anyone else writes an article like this it chips away at their powerbase and undermines the foot of the pyramid which causes the capstone of the Pyramid [Rothschilds - elites etc etc] to become more and more unstable until eventually it collapses.

Information is knowledge.

Knowledge is power.

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