Thursday, 30 July 2009

Bullshit UK Food Standard Agency research conclusion :

Bullshit FSA biased industry led study report that pimps for intensive farming and big agriculture.


Dont eat clean organic food and eat chemical laced/GMO instead as its just as good for you and a lot cheaper too !!

It was only a matter of time before the resurgance of organic farming and small scale farming and farmers markets started to be attacked.

Dig for Victory !!

Its actually quite interesting how the Govts of the UK/US do so very little to support and promote organic and small scale farming and are attacking it instead.Its curious how it doesnt seem to fit into the UK/US Govts enviromental policies and how in the US it is going to be virtually criminalised because of various regulations and legislation.Its interesting how there is such an incestious relationship between the UK/US Govt [the FSA/FDA] and Monsanto.

Fascism = the merger of state and corporation.

How am i not expected to see right through this hypocrisy and how can i be expected to take the Govt seriously when it talks about AGW when its FSA blatantly ignores and is biased against organic farming ?

Another article :

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