Saturday, 11 July 2009

Bill Gates to control hurricanes/Weather Vista :

Could someone please Alt + Ctrl + Del this Fucking Cretin ??

WeatherWindowsXP 09

Free Download for Microsoft Windows AntiCyclone malicious weather removal tool.

This Tool checks your regional weather system for impending specific and prevalent malicious weather patterns and helps to detect and neutralise them if found.

Microsoft will release a security update to this software once a month.

Link to article :

Lets all play with the weather !!.

Ever heard of the Butterfly Effect ?

It seems like Bill Gates is now bored with ripping off everyone via an unfair monopoly of 3rd rate shit hackable software that has to be constantly updated because it is shit.

Not to mention the subsidary industry of security and firewalls that are also hackable that only exist in the first place because the computer language and software is fundamentally flawed.

So its alright to complain about the not proven flawed theory of AGW and its effects on the climate yet at the same time its alright for someone with more money than sense to try and control and influence and disrupt perfectly natural weather patterns with unknown consequences.

This planet and some of its human inhabitants gets more and more stupid everyday.

To all you AGW Global Warming Moonbats out there it is the 11th July and i am sitting inside with the windows closed because of the adverse temperature outside in the UK for this time of year.

Go and study some real science and look into it yourself and do your own research on the subject instead of lapping up all that pro-AGW Bullshit that you are spoon fed constantly.

Still either you wont or you will ignore it or claim that cooling temperatures are caused by AGW as well since you all like to move the goalposts as and when it suits you because it conflicts with your personal belief system.

Science is not a belief system.

Scientific theory is not scientific fact but dont let that get in the way of your pathetic religious AGW belief system.

I already knew that if there is an enviromental problem on this planet that Humans will make a hash of it.

Arrogance - power and stupidity.

Having said that there is nothing new about weather manipulation anyway.

Lucy Lib :

Sooner or later i am going to cut and paste her stupid mindless comments into one post for entertainment purposes.

Comments like this :
July 11th, 2009 at 6:13 am

Yes we can Dr. Gates. Stop all the bad weather. This man is a genius and should appointed a Gloabl Comptroller of CA, CANANDA, AND our sister country, Mexico. A very wealthy man yet he has the compassion to improve our weather. Guys now this is something you can be proud of. No more rain in San Franciso, Just think of the possibilites guys. I am going to the mall to get a new and very kool swim suit in celebration of the new Sunny San Franciso Beach to be. Thanks Mr Gates for your unslefish generousity to humanit.



I think Lucy Lib is either someone with a very good sense of humor and its all tongue in cheek or it really is some kind of fucked up little brainwashed Liberal FuckTard Drone who seems to always be on some kind of Happy drug who ought to go the whole hog and a get a Lobotomy.Too happy and inane and too stupid to realise just how stupid her comments are.

Its got to be a joke.

Its got to be.

I keep saying this because i cannot comprehend who someone can be so stupid.

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