Wednesday, 15 July 2009

David Icke on Swine Flu :

Take a look and listen for yourself :

Its nothing that i havent heard before and in the main i totally agree with what he is saying.

Yes....Reptilians...yeah yeah yeah son of god.....blah blah blah.Forget all that because David Icke has been right on so many points over the years that the list is too extensive to mention and if you read one of his books you will also find that this is true.Also its not a case of "following" David Icke either or hanging on his every word but the information in his books regarding matters like One World currency and centralised One world govt is all right on the money because it is happening right now.

Its crazy shit that you have to actively avoid a Swine flu vaccination for the reasons outlined previously but this is to all intents and purposes exactly what is happening.Personally i have had my suspicions all along for nearly 2 decades now when i consider that i have been actively avoiding food that is contaminated with chemicals and additives like Aspartame and Hydrogenated Fats for example as if i have a instinct for knowing that such substances are detrimental to my health like an aversion.

Gut instinct.

You have to go on natural instinct in the end because it is natural and is the product of millions of years of evolution and is a survival instinct and a defence mechanism.For example i get a very very bad sort of feeling when i listen to announcements from the WHO.I cannot rationalise this in any way but i get a very negative vibration/impression from the WHO which seems to be cold and inhuman.I cannot describe it any other way and i get the same impression from the UN itself and various politicians and i am getting a very strong feeling at the moment that there is something seriously wrong that is like tuning into a very negative frequency.

I cant explain this as it has nothing to do with mental health issues because i dont have any but imagine getting that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that you get when you are anxious about something.Its alright when you know what is causing it but imagine what it would be like if you didnt ?Thats what i get quite a lot of the time and its a pain but i have to live with it.Its like i can feel that there is something very wrong in the air and that something is building up.

I am now slightly under the influence of Alcohol and Spliff so i am going to not talk bullshit but babble for a bit about whatever i feel like:

Then you get all this new age stuff that this change in vibration is happening and there is some kind of awakening going on and all the rest of it.I tend to avoid the New Age movement for various reasons which i actively avoid as i prefer to deal in reality rather than a load of pseudo-religious blathering from various deluded doom mongerers of god knows how many descriptions plus there are parallels with the New age movement and Nazism and then after that there are the Christians who are all predicting the end times and the emergence of the Anti Christ.I respect their beliefs although largely i dont share their beliefs in the endless quotes and tracts from the bible that i see posted daily on forums but in essence i am on the same side as them really and they are my allies if the shit hits the fan.I would rather side with christians than practicising Satanists any day of the week.I have come into contact with Satanism in the past and i want nothing to do with it.i didnt practise it but i knew others or came into contact with others that did plus i have seen the evidence of satanic ritual . I cant get into the idea of organised religion and worship but i do have some things in common with Christians without actually being a Christian.I think i was baptised but i am not sure but i was brought up in a household that was Liberal at the same time as Conservative in terms of morality and values so really i am a kind of schizophrenic mixture of liberalism and Conservatism with a certain amount of Christian values always being in the background like always having proper family dinners around the table.Christian like family values.Altruism is a Christian value and everyone in my family is Altruistic to some extent and always have been.

I have never ripped off a single client that i have done work for in 20 years partly because it was kind of ingrained in me as an inherited value that if you make a living by ripping off others then you are a failure with a capital F and i simply cannot do it.I guess that is a Christian value to some extent.

My Mum always says i am like a Christian in some ways without being a practising Christian as i am an Agnostic.

You cannot not be an Agnostic because you and i and everyone can not claim that there is no god because you simply cannot know the unknowable.If you are an atheist then you claim that you know the unknowable and if an Atheist can call out Christians and ask them to prove that there is a God then it seems only fair to call out an Atheist and ask them to prove that there is no higher authority.They cant of course and you cannot equate science as being the answer to the unknowable because as far as that is concerned science is only beginning to to explore the metaphysical with quantum physics etc and what exactly constitutes consciousness.

Having said that if i shared some of my own personal views on myself and what i am or believe i am to Christians they would have a fit and say that i am possessed by Satan or under the influence or whatever so i dont.Simple as that.

Yet at the time as far as morality is concerned i think morality is partly inherited or ingrained by upbringing etc but is also something that you choose for yourself like your own personal code of honour that you will not break under any circumstance.

Anyway what i fucking hate about the idea of the NWO and one world religion is it is all about control.It does not respect diversity but it encourages diversity yet at the same time it wants to homogenize everything into a singular mass that actually destroys diversity and culture in the process.the idea is fundamentally flawed on so many levels because it is all about control.If the idea of "Unity" was all about harmonisation then it would respect diversity and culture and allow it to flourish unhindered because diversity and different cultures is all a natural process that cannot be watered down and homogenised and watered down.

You cannot change the nature of people by treaties and the introduction of a failed political ideology and bits of paper and you cannot control it by force.

The idea of "Unity" is fine in principle depending on its aims and desired outcomes but it will fail under NWO Globalist political agenda.You simply cannot change the way that people have evolved by introducing a political ideology and making it one size - fits all.

It will fail i guarantee it and its an idea even more stupid [and evolved from] than Communism as i have said before time and time again.

If this was the case and the UN were impartial then they would not be systematically attacking Christians and the institution of the Family and Christian values every which way they can .

Where ? is the religious freedom in that ?

Where is the tolerance ?

I am going to go off on one now......

This is NOT Unity and it does NOT respect individuality and Diversity and Freedom.

FUCK Globalism and FUCK the NWO and FUCK One World Religion.

FUCK them all .FUCK these Amoral Satanist Greedhead Dysfunctional Socio/Psychopathical CockSuckers.

FUCK them all and i will go down fighting them rather than submit to them.

GGGrrrr... they make me fucking angry thinking about them.If they want to talk about survival of the fittest and Nazism then give me the opportunity and 5 minutes with each of these MFs and i will give them a fucking taste of what fucking pain and suffering is all about i promise but i will exercise leniency on them and just break bones as Death is to good for them and too quick and too final.

GGrrrr... I am all angry thinking about them now but when push comes to shove there is only 130 of these Fucked Up individuals and there are 6 billion of us and these Fuckers are going down if i have my way.

They dont know how to fight as there is always someone else who is expendable who is expected to fight for them.

The days of ruling and manipulating and playing one side off against the other from behind a wall of lies and deception are going to be a thing of the past soon enough as WE are waking up.

They know this as well and WE are starting to win .They are Cowards and they will back down and when they do they had better go to ground and not come up again because WE will be waiting for them.

What goes down has to come up for air eventually and the patient and silent hunter will sit and wait until the time is right.

WE are getting angry and WE will not live with the shadow of Nazism and Totalitarianism breathing down our necks or looming over us like an ominous black cloud that never goes away and if it becomes a reality WE will hunt you down and WE will give you NO quarter.

The determined fighter who has nothing to lose will always be able to stay the course for longer than a Govt Goon squad of Useful Idiots.

Theres always everything to gain if you have nothing to lose.

They have been fucking warned and WE are not Fucking about.

WE are growing stronger by the day.

Keep your hands off our Children.

If they continue to lie and cheat and steal and inflict their murderous political agenda on us then WE will fight back.

They had better fucking back down if they know whats good for them.

WE are NOT their pets.



Its also interesting that since Youtube was taken over by Google that all sorts of untoward things happen to videos and channels and that they constantly fuck about with the viewing figures and ratings so that certain videos that have achieved very very high viewing figures like this video dont appear as most popular:

[We have the exact same problem here as well]

which is at 6 million plus and counting......

Interesting really.

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