Sunday, 2 August 2009


If you dont want the Govt to be able to access your computer externally and spy on you then use an older model Mac that does not contain an Intel microchip processor.

Or use Truecrypt [free encryption programme]

Or/And feel free to use Spybot S&D which is anti-virus spyware and Malware.Its a free protection service.

Anti-virus software programmes like Norton 360 for example are no guarantee of privacy or security because the files that you have backed up to a protected server using their back up feature is already compromised because Intel chips have built in back doors that allow access to your hard drive and files.

I thought i would share this because there is a multilateral treaty being signed in secret by the US and EU called ACTA [Anti - Counterfitting - Trade - Agreement] which gives Govt sweeping new powers to search your computer either physically or electronically and seize it if material contained in it breaches copyright as breach of copyright like illegal downloads and file-sharing etc will be a criminal rather than a civil offense.

Obviously this is not just about copyright issues as under this legislation the Govt could seize your computer or access it electronically for any reason it sees fit and its all about surveillance and control.

The copyright issue is being used to justify its existence.

This is actually nothing new as it has been going on for years but this treaty legitamises the federal govt of either the US or the EU so that its legal.

Is anyone else noticing all this bypassing of democracy by federal govt that i am noticing ?

By bypassing i mean just passing legislation or treaties without any democratic process or debate.They are just doing what the hell they like.

Sooner or later i am going to revoke my power of attorney [RPOA] from UK PLC and its corporate legislature and i doing so i cant be touched by UKGOVT/EUSSRPLC or be forced to abide by its terms and conditions without some very serious legal implications arising from.

Dont want an H1N1 vaccination ?


Dont want to fall under an increasing maze or web of legislation and statutes ?


Dont want to pay taxes to a criminal and corrupt political system ?


Dont want to be bound to a fake EU constitution that gives more power to an EU federal govt that you did not ask for or give your consent to ?


and the list goes on or it would if i typed it.

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