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It sounds plausible to me:

The US takeover plan :

You know what the Plan is don't you? The Plan is to have the united States Military and
Police start a civil war with Patriots, Constitutional advocates, Veterans, Christians and
anyone else who hopes to remain Free. That way, both sides can slaughter each other
and soften up the Country for UN invasion. The old strategy of divide and then conquer.

The criminal banksters that have hijacked the Country know that a combined fighting
force of current Military, Police and Citizen Militia, along with a huge Civilian support and
manufacturing capability, would be impossible to defeat. So, the bankster globalists
want to disrupt this potential alliance. Here is the military principal that their strategy is
based upon from 'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu:
"If an enemy has alliances, the problem is grave and the enemy's position strong; if he
has no alliances the problem is minor and the enemy's position weak."

Remember, all of the American People are considered to be the Enemy whether or not
you are currently part of the system, i.e. Police and Military. See AVIDD (American
Veterans in Domestic Defense) That is why we are all being manipulated into a
self-immolating slaughter. The Police and Military are being manipulated into attacking
the American People so that they can be slaughtered along with Patriots who would
resist them. This will create a lot of bad blood, hatred and resentments that will later
make forming alliances and working together difficult, if not impossible. Thus, another
long term goal will have been achieved against those who survive initial conflicts.

Because the government will have a very difficult go of it, united nations troops will flood
into the Country, by the millions, with the cooperation of our Military and Police. Once
American forces are outnumbered and surrounded by UN troops, they will be killed or
sent to the internment camps. The largest number of those troops will eventually be
Chinese and will number in the tens of millions. The Chinese government needs to
eliminate millions of excess males. What could be better than feeding them into an
American killing machine?

SO LISTEN UP LIFERS! (Lazy Ignorant Fascists Evading Reality) I believe most of you in
the Police and Military will eventually figure it out; the question is when? The bulb will
turn on for ninety percent of you when you are disarming American Citizens with the aid
of UN troops. Destroying your ultimate back up, the American People, so you can wreck
the Country for foreign invasion. If you do that, you will have become an enemy of the
Oath that you took. You will be participating in the enslavement of yourself, your family
and friends. You will have become America's worst criminal traitors; a cut below; a
treasonous un-American half-breed apart. You all must uphold your Oaths to the
Constitution and the Rights of the American People. You must uphold your Oaths for your
Constitution and your Rights.

Now for a little saber rattling; all government officials, all military personnel and police
are an inferior force compared to the People, who have a Right to keep and bear arms.
We are all being set up for slaughter. Police and Military are being set up to take the
wrath of the American People for the crimes of the banksters and a treasonous,
un-Constitutional federal government that has manipulated us to this point of National
Crisis. Once you have been used to destroy the Country, you will be arrested and killed
as UN troops eventually replace all of your ranks.

Here is another warning for you. According to Steve Quayle on the Alex Jones show, your
families will be moved to "safe" locations during the big national emergency and they
will be used to blackmail military personnel and police into doing whatever they are told.
Once the purges begin, everyone becomes a potential murder victim. When the
genocidal machine starts up, mass murder and crime becomes the perpetual reason for
more murder and crime. Genocidal murder frenzies can only be stopped through military
action as in Rwanda and Cambodia or when they run out of victims as in the Armenian
genocide by the Turks during WWI.

If the federal government attacks the American People and tries to subject us to
absolute despotism, I have an analogy for you. The whole of the government's vast
powers and armaments can be likened to a nude man with a stick, in cement overshoes,
hitting a huge killer bee nest hanging over his head. With each blow of the stick the bees
become angrier and there are more of them. He redoubles his efforts with the stick and
then it breaks.....That's change you can believe in.

The same strategy of Balkanization, by race, is also being promoted by the globalist
banksters, so that we don't form alliances and work together against a common enemy:
the new world order. Whether you're White, Black, Hispanic, Asian or Miscellaneous we
have a lot more in common than you might think compared to hordes of united nations
troops. Something for all you brothers from another mother to think about.
I hate to pull rank on all of you Police and Military, but
as the only Command Private Major in the history of
the united States Military, it is my duty to order you to
Uphold Your Oaths to the Constitution and to the
People of the united States, and to defend them
against all enemies foreign and domestic. The Oath is
for difficult times such as these so that our duty and
responsibility are clear under duress.


Here is a list of illegal orders that you should not

From the Office of the Command Private Major
CPM Rod Alexander

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