Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Banned EU poster :

Its loaded with esoteric and religious symbolism and is based on the Peter Brueghel the elder painting from 1563.

The reversed Pentagrams should be obvious to anyone.

There were only 11 member states when this poster was designed.

In the poster the tower is under construction which is meant to represent the present Louise weiss building in Strasburg France as a continuation of the work of Nimrod who was building the original Tower Of Babel to defy God.

I just read an article all about that aspect of it but beyond an explanation of the original story and the apparent esoteric beliefs of the elites and the Babylonian Euro
Trash who are behind the EU represented in the LW building and the poster i found myself scrolling down the page without really reading much of it as i just cant accomadate any of it in my mind and it does my head in.I prefer to leave religious discussion to others and i have got enough on my plate as it is anyway.

I couldnt help but notice the ridiculous and absurd looking Lego type people with square heads who are probably meant to meant to represent Europroles and the soviet style figure in the middle with its hammer thats meant to represent a happy and industrious prole working for the collective good in some future Tyrannical collective dystopia.

Its slightly offensive i find.

Just remember that there is always a plus side and a negative side like Yin and Yang and i always find that the philosophy that says that the EU will end conflict in the region is overstated to say the least .

I have seen footage shot outside the Berlaymont building in Brussels of a protest being broken up and quelled eastern european/soviet style and its not a pretty sight but the EEUSSR doesnt respect democracy and Freedom of expression so i wasnt surprised.

Welcome to the post-democratic era.

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  1. actually there were never 11 members at any given time in the EU.(portugal and spain joined in the same year). If you look closely at the yellow box in the bottom right corner of the poster you shall notice that there is the official, unmodified logo of the EU. The reason there are 11/12 stars in the upper part of the poster is to:
    1.represent the caesar's crown.
    2.piss off france for not accepting the EU constitution (personal researched theory)