Saturday, 11 July 2009

Introduction to John Holdren :

Just when you think that it cant get any worse it keeps getting worse.

Where the fuck are these shit for brains deranged lunatics escaping from ?

The Obamba adminisration attracts them like flies are attracted to shit or Moths are to a candle.

Nazi recently appointed into the White House as a science and technology policy "Czar".

Fucking Nazi degenerate.

Sterilise or terminate this MF and do the planet a favor.

Clean out the Nazi undesirables and take out the Trash and Filth that degrade the planet.

Give them a taste of their own.

Typical Democrat/Bolshevik/Nazi types.The same old Trash as there was in the Russian Revolution after they targeted and wiped out vast swathes of decent thinking Russians that didnt agree with them.

Their followers are dangerous because they are stupid.

They attract stupidity.

They make a big deal out of wanting to lookout for and help the little person and the next thing you know they want to cull them.

Bolsheviks never ever had or have any class and they attract degenerates and Socio/Psychopaths and all other kinds of third rate Human Trash and Garbage and Undesirables.

I think since i am railing against this Filth and am against them then i can be forgiven for using Nazi terminology when describing them myself.

Its the only way to describe them.

One must be very wary of becoming that which they despise but in this case it would have a positive effect on reality if this type of Filth could be fucking buried in pit filled with quicklime.

I fucking despise Nazis and Bolsheviks and Communists and the rest of them.

Filthy Degenerates.All you have to do is look back through the 20th century and wherever they have been you will find Death , Murder, Amorality, Degradation, De-Humanisation , Tyranny , and Destruction etc etc.

Follow their trail and this is what you will find.

I am really going to get to work on this Piece of Work.

If there is a need for population reduction or eugenics then lets start with them.

I am not easily offended and considering i have been accused of Racism because of a few flippant comments or politically incorrect comments or jokes i have never really been offended by anything particularly because i am of the mind that you have a choice to be offended or not but seriously i do find the Obama administration and what it is revealing itself to be and individuals within it like John Holdren to be deeply offensive .

I find the fact that they exist to be deeply offensive but i accept it .I just dont want them involved in policy making.

3 - 4 more years of this Shit to go and all bankrolled by the self hating Jew that is George Soros - bankroller of Liberal regimes worldwide.

I dont have any problem with what i call normal Liberals as i can hang with them but this is something else as its the Hard left.

I am a Liberal up to a point and i am conservative up to a point.

Link to article :

[The book that the article quotes from was commissioned by the Sierra Club - Enough said ]

I can see that i am going to have to start a Nazi-watch feature here.

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