Sunday, 5 July 2009

Brighton Marina Boot fair cancelled again !!!

I am fast losing patience with this fucking shit as it is becoming a fucking fuck up and a fucking farce.

For starters this boot fair was already well established before the fucking farce that was the station redevelopment car park fiasco.
Every fucking week nearly it was cancelled [how i hate that word and what it means] so it became impossible to trade and make money.This boot fair was eventually sited at the top level of a poxy little multi-story car park with limited space for pitches and the constant cancellations meant that the organiser and traders got to be so fucking sick of it all that they threw in the towel and closed it down until a new venue was found.

So here we are now at the new venue which is yet another multi -story car park at Brighton Marina.The venue being the 9th [top] level of it.

Now i live very close to this and i find today that it has been cancelled again for the nth fucking time .

This time it was cancelled because some fucked up shit for brains fucking jerk off has decided that the yearly bike rally should be held in the place that the boot fair is usually held.

It just beggars fucking belief.

A bike rally being held on top of a multi story car park !!!

A fucking tragedy.

I mean what kind of sorry little fucked up Cunt makes decisions like this ??

There is a seafront promenade and Madeira Drive where they could hold shit like this which is obviously a tourist attraction yet its shunted over to a fucking multi-story car park which is no good for them and no good for me as i get no boot fair.

Is this what things have come to ?

This is supposed to be a "City" [dont even get me started on all that fucking bullshit city status and Simon fucking Fanshawes city campaign.I would seriously like to reduce that baldy gap toothed absurd looking fucking failed Fag comedian into a bloodied mass of broken bones ...] yet there is nowhere where a boot fair can trade uninterrupted without hindrance apart from adverse weather conditions.

Nowhere ?

Also how the fuck am i and everyone else supposed to know it has been cancelled anyway ?

Where the fuck do i find out ?

Usually by the time i get there like a couple of weeks ago when i found that it was cancelled because of no fucking reason at all and i find that the car park is just full of the usual Drongo Asda shoppers.

I am blame the fucking Council as usual as all they are interested in is fucking car parking spaces and potential loss of parking revenue .

I also get the impression that those who attend boot fairs are treated like they are 3rd rate because they are not part of and dont contribute to "The economy" because its all tax free and does not involve mindless consumption of plastic consumer crap.

The fact that it is enviromentally sound because it involves recycling instead of throwing it away is lost on those in the council who like to cherry pick their enviromental policy instead of it being encouraged across the board.

I cycled past the sea front this morning and it was empty apart from a few coaches so all those parking spaces could have been given over to a bike rally or a boot fair without any loss of revenue.In fact the council would have increased its revenue except that they have not got the intelligence or insight to realise that of course because you cannot expect to look for or find logic where there isnt any and you cant expect people in general to do something intelligent and find an intelligent to anything because they are usually pass masters at creating a fuck up of just about everything.

So WTF is going on ?

Nothing is going on except fucked up disorganised ill conceived bullshit.

People really are just like Gurdijeff said they are.

Everything is sort of stupid and back to front plus their own failure "to see and understand the terror of the situation..".

Absolutely true.

Fuck Them All.

Fucking load of stupid soppy Cunts.

I could sort this fucking fiasco out myself because there is a derelict open space of land right next to the Marina that is unused and would be perfectly fit for holding a boot fair with plenty of adjacent parking spaces that would be charged at the same or reduced rate for attendees of the boot fair.

No loss of revenue !

Amazing !!

Thats such a good idea it would never get off the ground.

There is also my idea of holding the boot fair at the further end of Madeira Drive because it has the advantage of parking spaces and an undercover collonade that would mean that the boot fair could continue in adverse weather conditions in winter.

Again this is such a good idea it will never happen.

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