Saturday, 11 July 2009

Imminent announcement of WHO Mandatory vaccination programme :

Article :

Who didnt expect this ?

I dont have any plans on becoming a lab rat.

I dont see any advantage in being injected with a liquid that is an immune system suppressant and that will contain Viral fragments and possibly live viruses not to mention the rest.

To submit to this yourself or even worse subject your children to it will be the single worst decision you will ever make.

No one else can make it for you and you can either risk what is at worst a mild flu or have your immune system permanently destroyed or degraded and a possible risk of death either from the vaccination itself or from further exposure to viruses at a later date.

Theres no going back once that needle goes through the outer layer of your skin and the contents of the hypodermic syringe are discharged into your bloodstream.

This could all be scaremongering but i seriously very much doubt it as all the evidence suggests the opposite and that there is some sort of nefarious scheme behind all this.

You can argue this all you like but ultimately if there is potentially the risk of this being detrimental to your own health and wellbeing then why take the chance ?

It makes more sense to not take the risk as you have nothing to lose from not accepting it and everything to lose if you do.

Again why take the chance ?

Are you going to say that that the info and articles here are bullshit and place your trust in the Govt who have contracted out the manufacture of anti viral material to a company that has already proven itself to be dishonest,unreliable and at best criminally neglegent when it was found to have contaminated antiviral material with live Bird Flu viruses that were sent out to 18 different countries.

This proves that live viruses can be inserted into anti viral material and transmitted.

Again why take the chance ?

Ultimately if you are vaccinated then you are Fucked for life however long that is.

Fucked - For - Life.

You will have a very limited time period depending on your location to do your own research and look at the evidence and consider your options before your are requested to comply with your own state/countries mandatory vaccination programme .

If you are online at home or have any access to the internet at a workplace etc then you have no excuse at all not to research this subject since it is in your own best interests to do so.

They are targeting the old and the very young and pregnant women first just like they always do.

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