Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Coincidence ??

Just look at that WHO symbolism.If you understand what it means it explains everything about the nature of WHO.

I often wonder if the introduction globally of Codex Alimentarius on December 31st 2009 is coincidence when it happens to be at the same time as an alleged flu pandemic and vaccination programme ?

Codex Alimentarius is not something that you have read about in a Harry Potter book as it has been created in conjunction with International banks,Pharmaceutical giants,the UN, and the WHO.Its primary aim amongst many many many other aims is to outlaw the sale of vitamin supplements,dietary supplements,natural remedies and relevant information that is enforcable by the WTO.

Think of it as food and health Fascism as it is unilateral and centralised regulation and standardisation and control of the food chain and health.

I will quote Dr.Rolf GrossKlaus as saying :"Nutrition is not relevant to health".

Dr.Rolf GrossKlaus is a a Physician who is the head of CA.

Sounds like a Nazi scientist.

Nutrients are now toxins.

Do not eat your 5 daily quota of healthy food as it is now toxic.

Everything you know about nutrition is wrong.

Look it up yourself.

All perfectly reasonable and kind and benevolent people with your best interests at heart i am sure.

Nothing of interest here.

Move along now and continue to take your vaccinations and whatever particular cocktail of chemicals are part of your daily health regime.

Vitamin supplements and dietary supplements can be a waste of time as you can get all the vitamins and nutrients from eating clean healthy food anyway.Eat healthily and eat nuts and seeds and raw food like Alfalfa shoots [a superfood] for example.

Any vitamin deficiency or nutrient deficiency you might have can be corrected by eating the right kind of food that anyone can find on shelves in health food shops and supermarkets and local food producers.

I am never ill [apart from the odd cold virus] and i have never taken a vitamin supplement.

How someone can say that nutrients are toxins is absolutely beyond me.

Learn about nutrition yourself in books or on the Internet.

Learn about "Superfoods".
Learn how to combine foods to make whole proteins like eating potatoes and Cheese together that makes a whole protein.

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