Friday, 1 August 2008

Say NO to Bejing.

Remember Tianemman Square.

No Dog and Cat Chow Mein and NO Dog and CAT Fly LI either thanks very much.

Stuff it up your arse Liu Jianchao

And the same goes for that 4 eyed comb over Cunt in the picture.

Hiu JianCUNTao.

Dirty sadistic Murdrers.

And shame on "ethical" Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett for tasking money that has blood on it unless you want to give the money to PETA for example as they dont need the money as they have enough already so dont give me that "We are artists and have to take the money as we need the work" Shit either.It was like /Chines propaganda that film they did that just tries to paint a pretty innocent picture of China Aaaah look at the cute little Monkey and all the rest of it.

I wont burn any Blur or Gorillaz CDS that i have but i will never look at these 2 in their same way but i dont care much for Jamie hewlett anyway and never have done.


Oh i forgot the Chinese say they have cut the rate of state sanctioned violence and murder and Capital Punishment by half as a compromise for the West so they turn a blind eye to their brutality and human and animal abuse.

Its not enough and whats more they cant censor my posts at all so Fuck You you Yellow murdering Animal Abusing sadistic Fascist MotherFuckers.

Have a Fucking Piece of THIS.

And now i am going to cut and paste monkey myself so here goes and i havent even started:

The Chinese can isolate themselves as much as they like for all i care.

However as long as western multinationals choose to invest money over there and exploit the workforce to produce everything and export it back halfway across the planet and turn a blind eye to the regime then it will never happen.

"Oh but without them you would never have all your cheap goods ".

I dont want their cheaply made consumer crap anyway and i am sick of Made In China Made in China Made in China Made in China.As if it is so unprofitable to make stuff in the UK or The |US as if 5.52 UK minimum wage is far too expensive for a multinational or whatever to produce goods.

Bring the jobs back home and stop supporting these Cockroaches.

Shove it up your Arse Liu Jianchao as i am sitting here typing and i can write and say what i like and there is nothing you can do about it .I am trying to sabotage the Olympics as well but i dont have evil motives unlike yourself who does.

Fuck Them.

and it pleases me to read that the house of representatives is condemning them and that the US is sheltering chinese political Activists and it even pleases me that GW Bush has been talking to them as this is what in my opinion The Us should be doing and there should be more of it as it will improve the US standing in the moral if they take the moral high ground.

Good stuff.

And i dont hear Obama saying very much about China and the Olympics but i guess the Chinese are not a minority and i guess he has his hands full with racial issues etc at home to pay any attention to that.Too busy talking about himself and use the world stage to condemn china .

What is there to lose ?

Nothing.Why worry about "upsetting" China when they contribute nothing to the rest of the planet except exploit it anyway?

Business and investment by the West in China will still go on regardless as without it they would be back to tending their Paddyfields and subsistence farming.

The whole planet should have said NO to Bejing and the Chinese should never have been offered them in the first place.

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