Monday, 25 August 2008

Dead Heroin addict friend:

I just found out today that someone i used to know died a few years ago now from Heroin use but i dont have the exact details.

Tragic and a waste.

The friend was a very talented musician and artist and a warm wonderful person ruined by drug use.I only found out accidentally in conversation as i wasnt told about it by anyone.

The last time i saw Simon was in the street a few years ago when he was in an absolute mess from all the heavy Heroin abuse .I was talking to Simon for a couple of minutes but in the end i had to walk away as it was too depressing and disturbing.

He called out in the street "Peter dont walk away from me !! Come back !! " but i didnt and i never saw him again.

I dont feel good about that but i cant turn the clock back.

A waste of a life.

Very talented musician [Bass player ] and i remember once saying to Simon play the bass line to this song or that song and everytime it was correct and in time.Spirits in The Material world was absolutly spot on.

Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll is bad for your health especially the drugs.I have always been anti drugs on the whole especially hard drugs although i admit to chasing the dragon twice but it didnt have any effect really that i remember and i never touched it again.

Brighton apparently has the highest or second highest death rate from hard drugs in the UK but i dont know if that is correct.I can think of places that are potentially a lot worse.If thats what they want to do to themselves there isnt *anything* you can do to stop them unless they want to stop themselves ultimatly but for some even if they want to stop there are a lot of different reasons why they cant stop taking it.The only thing you can do is remove them from the enviroment they are in and detoxify them.

I think Simon had extended times when he wasnt on it and then relapsed over and over again.

One cant judge another but they must be weak if they cant help themselves but like i say i dont know wehat is going on in their minds or what drives them to do it but its terrible for their families and friends.There is help available if they want but a lot slip through the net.Its like no one could ultimatly stop Kurt Cobain or anyone else killing themselves unless you watch them 24 hours a day.

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