Thursday, 31 July 2008

Dog attacks Cat:

I was in and i heard a dog barking this evening.I was sitting here and after a few seconds i thought i would have a look out of the window to see what was going on as i thought about Cat and put 2 + 2 together and sure enough there was a black Labrador who was having a go at Sylvester .Cat was standing his ground but was under one of the cars or just about to go under.

I just flew out of the front door and let rip because the idiotic dumb woman dog owner had absolutly no control over the dog even though it was only a Labrador that was off the lead and she was flustering and running around NOT knowing what to do at all.If that dog had got hold of Cat she woulld not have been able to stop it at all.

All this while her friend who was some 16 year old boy who just stood there doing absolutly nothing and when i went out he looked at me as if to say what was my problem as if there was nothing wrong with what was going on !!

Which annoyed me even more so i just said to her to get the fuck out and the dog and i said she was an idiot for letting it happen which she didnt seem to understand because she was foreign or German or whatever with poor English so i said if anything had happened to Cat she would have been absolutly Fucked and not in the literal sense of the word either and i also said that an apology would be nice as well.I finally got one as she walked away.

Now Fuck Off Idiot.


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