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Who do you think you are kidding MRS Hitler if you think we are on the run :

To understand the EU and Angela Merkel one must first understand Wagner.

If you know anything about Hitler then you will know what i mean by that.

How to Mop The Floor with Pro EU Socialist German Imperialists:

The subject was the near riots in the EU parliament.


Well thank you.Your timing is impeccable considering what i have been saying about the EU in the ThatcherThread.

This happened some time ago but sadly is not an isolated incident either and the rerason that it happens is because it is corrupt and undemocratic and those who are protesting and on the verge of rioting are those who disagree with its machinations that are ultimatly Evil.

They have achieved what Hitler senior could not achieve by rampaging across Europe by stealth via endless interminable legalities that they have attempted to impose on the people of Europe without their consent and even without their knowledge and it will ultimatly fail because of that.

What these Eurotards need to understand is what the video is saying.

NO to a Centralised Undemocratic Power Structure

and YES to a 27 Self Governing Nation States within a trading block .

Abolish the Lisbon Treaty.

Mr Deutschlander:

Everyone protesting there has extremistic politcal views.

- extremistic nationalists
- extremistic socialists
- extremistic libertarian

You can find politician with idiotic docmatic idealisms everywhere in the whorld.

Posted 1 day ago by "Datenschleuder" (R) Germany


What every single on of them ?? All political extremists ??

Obama chose Germany for a reason .Birds of a feather stick together and all that .

The Socialists in the US just love the Socialists in the EU.

Further to that the EU have shown their true colours by not treating the Irish with any respect whatsoever and proposing yet another referendum where they will be urged to say YES
or alternativly ignore their own rule of law and continue with the Lisbon Treaty regardless and totally disregard the democratic process what little of it there is.

The arrogance of these people is unbelievable especially that Fat Fuck from spain called Barotta and Sakorzy.

Gordon Brown is yet another weak little poodle who was coerced into not offering the UK a referendum.

Its falling apart and they know it.

[rumour has it that Angela Merkel is the biological daughter of Adolf Hitler.Its a conspiricy theory but an interesting one.Lots of info on the web].

Its part of a bigger game plan like Nafta which was also introduced by stealth and no democratic process whatsoever.Its the only way they can do it.but since it wasnt imposed on everyone by force then the EU cannot uphold it by force either and ultimatly will have to admit defeat.

In short though as of right now they have the power to do exactly what they like if the Irish had voted YES.

And believe me what is now a Benevolent Dictatorship will not continue being Benevolent for very long and if other examples of this today and history proves anything it proves that i am correct.

Centralisation on that scale ultimatly does not have good intentions.

Posted 1 day ago by "peterwolfthefirst" (R) United Kingdom (UK/GB)

Mr Deutshlander:peterwolfthefirst:

Yes, all these individuals demonstrating there are have extremistic political views:

They consist of absolutistic socialists from Denmark, absolutistic nationalists from the Netherlands, absolutistic libertarians from England... and so on.
You always have these idiotic folks around - everywhere.

I don't care about Obama and I am my political views are not dominated by Socialistic ideas. This has nothing to do with the discussion.

The Irish vote has been treatet with respect.
No one is forcing them to ratify the treaty!
It is just that the democratically voted representatives of other nations have different opinion than the Irish people.
*Direct* democracy is is no constituational right in most member states for good reasons.

You want to decide on the treaty? Vote the party that represents your interests!

Posted 1 day ago by "Datenschleuder" (R) Germany

Quoted comment by easyrob33: fuck europe! england is stronger alone. we dont need eastern block gypsies, and eastern muslims invading us, we have enough here allready to get rid of. look what the muslims are doing to france and holland and belgium....fuck that! its bad enough here now!

That of which you speak of is all deliberate policy of Tony blair and Co to deliberatly destabilise this country prior to its assimilation into Europe and an attempt to weaken and demoralise the Indigenous opoulation.

Mass immigration always has this effect and its the Number 1 way to destabilise a country.

It does not make sense to have unchecked immigration and it doesnt make sense to have an open door immigration policy either and it does not make sense to alienate the population of the host Nation to the degree that has happened so far.

This is not Racism it is Common Sense.

cheap immrant labour is not good for them but they dont mind working for peanuts but it has terrible effects on the rest of the working population where for example i work in construction and immigrant labour has reduced the average rate of pay for a painter or a labourer or plasterer for example to less than it was 10 years ago yet the cost of living goes up and up.I dont work in that sector of the industry because to all intents and purposes it is fucked because of it.I work in a different cector to that so i have avoided all that.

The welfare state panders to Immigrants and ignores the indigenous population because they are low priority and all this stuff is making a lot of people very angry.The silent majority if you like and they are all totally fed up with the way this country is runned by the EU and the Pro EU Labour Party.This goes right across the board.

Posted 1 day ago by "peterwolfthefirst" (R) United Kingdom (UK/GB)

Myself:do not believe you and its common practise with the left to label anyone who does not agree with your hive mind mentality to be labelled as extremists and a threat to the state or the greater good.

Well NO and because Direct Democracy is not a right for us in this country when were promised that it would be it is going to become a problem and something is going to have to be done about it.

We are not going to take this Shit lying down so Be Warned.

Rather harsh dont you think that the citzens of the UK have no rights to decide what and where there country should be going in the future ?

to be treated with utter disrespect and to be lied to and cheated and to be told what to do or whatever by a bunch of Pro European corrupt socialist politicos who are just so much cleverer than us and feel that it is ok to make decisions like that on our behalf that are against our best interests in order to proceed with a predetermined gameplan and hidden Agendas ?

The EU JUggernaut rolls on regarless of what the people think as hardly any of them have been asked and saying that we have democratically elected politicians who hgave been coerced into being pro EU or are in on the scam is good enough then you really do have another thing coming.The people of Europe HAVE NOT been even consul;ted and the EU is an Imposition that No One or the vast majority wants or Needs.
We only have fringe parties that represent our interests because the main 3 parties have been bought out or have sold out.They are all pro EU in the main so drop the glib comments as you are either out of touch or you are in on the scam and a Socialist Drone as well but as you say yourself what suits one coutry does not suit another so i say you can keep EU "Chancellor" Angela Merkel and your german style socialism because We Do Not Want It.

Say NO to German Socialist Imperialism.

Say NO to Centralised Europe.

Say NO to the Extreme Absolutist EU

Idiotic Folks Everywhere you go indeed.

Idiotic Folks who dont read their history books and never learn.

Yes and we all know why we dont have direct democracy in most member states dont we Mr Deutschlander ??

Deutschlander Uber Alles !!

All hail Our Glorious Chancellor !!

I see right through it all and its one of my missions in life to expose you all for what you are any chance i get like right now.

And finally the UK does not want or need an Extra Judicial Death Sentence/shoot to kill policy in

certain situations either.

We do not want EU Police Stations in our country when we already have our own police force and we dont all want to wake up one day with Tanks and EU Police Military checkpoints on our street corners asking for our papers please.

You should have learnt your lesson when you loist WW11 but instead you are trying to infiltrate our entire political system with people who are placed there who are already Pro EU and who have undermined the democratic process in this country and the rest of Europe.

Look that one up but no doubt you are already aware of it.

And finally i ask you specifically to answer the following question directly :

How exactly is a centrally governed undemocratic EU better than 27 individual Nation States within a trading block ?

I want to hear you defend the undefendable MrDeutschlander and i am directly calling you out on this>

Posted 1 day ago by "peterwolfthefirst" (R) United Kingdom (UK/GB)

Posted 1 day ago by "ml99vette" (R) United States

Hmm sounds alot like america. must just be a coincidence

No coincidence.

There is NO coincidence.

Its a gameplan.

Someone else:

*) Of the countries which held a referendum, I was mostly shocked by the "no" of the Irish. Why you ask?
Well Ireland was on the list of 3rd world development countries in the 70's and thanks to their membership of the EU and the BILLIONS(!!) of Euro's that were pumped into Ire, they now have what is refered to as the "Celtic Tiger Economy". From Zero to Hero!
But then again, if you read my above post you'll know that the referendum was rejected, not because of its contents, but because of the poor performance of their OWN government. And yes, the nationalist elements made handy use of that and of the fact the the EU has communication problem.


Still none of you Pro Eu people will not answer my question.

Wrong about foot and Mouth as well.

all thjat the EU has to offer is Cash that they throw at other member states as they see fit.Where does all that money come from ?

Taxpayers thats what .

Taxpayers who pay into it via there governments.

So you indirectly answered my core question indirectly.

Add up the amount of EU subsidies that Ireland has received and then you will know exactly how much it costs to sell out a nations sovereignty.

Yet it failed and the Yes Campaign was a deceit in Ireland as it is everywhere and its got every reason to do with a nation not wanting to lose its independence and neutrality etc and more than likely does have a lot to do with the failures of its own government who were themselves pushing for a yes vote for reasons i have already stated above but the y cant have been that bad if the Irish still voted no and the best that you can do is fill up a bus full of children to tour the counrty urging everyone to vote YES and to maximise the potentiasl of all those ignorant uninformed blind Yes votes.

You are all a failure .Just admit it.

You dont like the fact that the Irish took the money and ran .

Plans for European domination aborted unless you choose to move the goalposts which i fully expect you will.

And stop including the populations of countries because they are not party to all this as i keep saying .
I have worked with Eastern Europeans from time to time on building sites.Great people nearly all of them but i didnt notice any of them working any harder than anyone else who was English.They just do the same work for less money but not always as the payscales for some trades were the same as for an English Carpenter or whatever which is the way it should but our government would rather have a 2 tier economy ./

The EU does have a communication problem indeed.

It lies.

And i dont care where MR Barossa is from either and if you hadnt created this unwanted Monolith then you wouldnt have to be trying but failing to defend it.

How to Streamline the EU :Abolish it .

You waste and Squander HUGE amounts of taxpayers

Your books have never been Audited because you know you cannot account for billions and billions and billions and billions that has been siphoned off EU member states as it is unaccounted for.

You Lose

Game Over.


Signing off for now but the campaign will continue.

Posted 1 day ago by "peterwolfthefirst" (R) United Kingdom (UK/GB)

Posted 1 day ago by "peterwolfthefirst" (R) United Kingdom (UK/GB)

LOL! You're very funny!

Posted 1 day ago by "tordenskjold" (R)

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