Wednesday, 6 August 2008


I love drawing these characters and never get tired of them.

I love these characters and they have taught me to draw and now i just cant let them go.

Not interested in drawing Humans either or more like i cant.

They are from a 2000ad strip called Meltdown Man that is my fave 2000ad of all time.

Massimo Belardinelli would be proud if only he was still here.

Perhaps i am being guided by him beyond the grave.

All i need to do is sequence stuff in boxes and i am away + my backgrounds need just a bit more and i need to speed up and concentrate as my attention span wanders far too much at home but never at work so i need to look at it as work.

The only problem is physical work means i am fucked when i get home and i cant draw if i am tired at home.

Meltdown Man part 2 one day.

Plus Massimo drew beautiful Dinosaurs in Flesh 2 which i will get to work on at some point.

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