Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Russia vs Georgia :

As the never ending chessgame of world politics and the power mad cockroaches who play it continues , concerning russia and Georgia and the West/US continues this is the way i see it.

The Cockroaches in the west know that the public is getting bored with "War on Terror" and all that Bollocks they need another common enemy to defend us from and keep us from peace so we are back to the Cold War.


This business over missile defence shields has been going on for months or even the last year or so .Both sides are doing it.Iran has a lot to do with this as well.

I also think that SaakashvilLiar was coerced or pushed into attacking S.Ossettia by the US to provoke the reaction from Russia which was very predictable.

The reaction from Russia provoked another reaction that was also just as predictable.Surrounding Eastern European or former Soviet countries that have not already joined Nato all suddenly want to plus the fact that existing Nato countries all want to allow US missile defence/detection bases on their soil to form another Iron Curtain against Russia without any of them having to defend that decision as they will all say "look what happened in Georgia" due to the spin given by the media .


Its all about creating the pretext to pursue the agenda.

Some of these countries dont even have a real military or even any aircraft yet if they join Nato and are attacked Nato is ultimatly obliged to defend all these backwater garbage countries.

If Russia places its own Iskander short range missiles in other neighbouring countries the West does and doesnt have a problem.

Just be glad that Iskander only have a range of about 400KM and are only conventional warheads not Nucleur.

Iskander missiles are very very good indeed but they are not an anti missile defence system at all in themselves as they only are any good for land based targets.

And dont forget the Russians have one of the very best intelligence agencies on the planet and know everything that is going on.

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