Thursday, 21 August 2008

Boiler repair guy:

Each time i have a seperate boiler technician round to fix the boiler the estimate for the repair and the replacement part the cost of said spare part goes up expotentially.

First of all the spare part costs 160 Quid .

Next time its 175.00

Next time its 210.00

So following this pattern or mathematical formula that i dont understand after another half a dozen estimates the price of the spare part will be 300 quid or so.

Yet if i ask nicely of the repair guy to produce a receipt dated correctly to prove that the money i am paying them has been spent and not pocketed their attitude changes completely.

Well sorry i am not lining their pockets or paying their mortgage or paying for them to go to Disneyworld Florida with their kids by paying them money obtained by deception.They might get away with it elsewhere but not here.I wont stand for it.

So i am buying the spare part online for 140 quid incVAT and i will do it myself as it just involes changing a circuit board over to another.

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