Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Get This Wag The Dog Shit out of my face.

The Hypocrisy and Spin of the Western Media or at least all of the media i have read watched or listened to is infantile and sickening.

The Hypocrisy of Bush and McIforgetwhatdayitisCain is sickening.

"There is a little land far far away that is fighting for its right to be free " says that Geriatric Alzeimers victim McCain.

Well there is another little country far far away fighting for its freedom that is called Iraq.

How about that you Senile old ChickenShit CUNT ?

One Foot in the grave.I wish it was Both.

"Today the killing goes on ...."

Carry on telling bedtime fairy stories to the Fucktard audience thats listening to you.

Not the killing in Iraq though .Thats alright.Thats different.

Obama is curiously silent.

I dont like the look of his eyes.The eyes never lie.[Saakashvili]

I wonder how the "Ethnic Cleansing" is going ?

The West or anyone else wouldnt give a Fuck about Georgia if it wasnt for Oil Pipelines.

I dont know what the main export of Georgia is at any other time but at the moment it s export is Bullshit.









The events of the last few days have bought out all the war Fantasists and War Junkies out of the woodwork Twattling on about bringing on WW3 onlne.I cannot understand the mentality of anyone who would wish for WW3.

There is something very wrong with a lot of Humans.

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