Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Unfinished Hot Potato :

"I'm not sure that's done you any favours. Especially that last bit."

Why because the Racists were Black that i was targetting and not White Nazi supremacists instead ?

Well just wait as they are next for the Chop as well and i will post the results here and i will engage them online and post the results here.

Try not to Wet The Bed all you PC liberals as i have had plenty of debate online with quite a few African Americans as well on the subject of race and politics as well.None of them have taken any exception to my comments in those debates.

FFS !!

Those were racial stereotypes.There are racial stereotypes everywhere.Everytime i watch a film particularly Hollywood films there are racial stereotypes in it.

They are not a good thing but they reflect reality to a large extent .Because of what i am i fit a load of racial stereotypes that are typical of what i am but also a few more that dont fit the stereotype but thats the nature of generalisations.

The amount of times when questioned about where i come from which is lots of places but i say i was born in Africa they say "What South Africa ? ". NO not south africa. I was born in Kenya but we did live in South Africa for a while but my father left because he was unhappy about the political system there and didnt like having Black servants and the apartheid and everything else.

So i say NO not South Africa because i dont want the association with Racism ,apartheid etc and also because i wasnt born there anyway.ITs the assumption on the part of others that because i am white i *must* be South African.That pisses me off.

I have also been told to "Fuck off back to where i came from !!" a few times by Whites in the UK who think i am Australian or German/Scandinavian or whatever they think.I get the Australian thing as well.A surfer or something like that when i have never surfed and dont know how to.

Whats more i have never had to take so much shit from the indigenous population of any country as much as i have had living in the UK.

and whats more 99% of the Shit i have taken is/was from the English White population exclusivly.I have never had any shit from Blacks ,Asians,Indians or anything else.

That says something really.

And whats more i have never had so much shit from any population in any country like i have had here.

Persecution. Did you get that ?

I spent a third of my life living in different countries and moving here and there all over the world and i grew up and went to school with a whole load of nationalities and races and i lived on an Island next to New Guinea where i went to school with the native population in straw huts with sand on the floor and i ate their food and i ate Bananas and Coconuts and mixed with them all the time despite the "differences" wherever i was.

So my whole background is multicultural so based on life experiences i know a little bit about how to integrate with Blacks or whatever.

So enough of the knee jerk PC liberal overeaction to a bit of straight talk as you or anyone else dont know me well enough to pass judgement.All you have to go on is a few comments that were careless and stupid.Thats all you have.

Get an Education. [Not Mr Timson or Ush Or Wod or ButtonMan or Tordelback who already have one who condemned my comments but who ARE the voice of reason ] but others who WANT to think or look for reasons to say PW *IS* a Racist and who wont have it any other way No Matter What.

I detect a Prejudice.

Prejudice is alien to PC Liberalism or do you pick and choose your prejudices as and when ?

If you refuse to hear someone out or take their word then you are not worth talking to .

Why would i hate or have prejudices against a race that i have never been wronged by or oppressed by ?

Why would i adopt a dislike of a particular race for no reason that is different to what i am ?

Why would i support a deliberate policy of Divide and Rule ?

Thats what Racism ultimatly is.Divide and Rule.

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