Friday, 15 August 2008

Obama/Muslim ? :

Question : How do you find out if Obama is a Muslim or not ?

Answer: Either force him to eat Porky The Pig OR Inform him that Muhammad was a False Prophet and that Jesus was the only son of the one true god that being God and Christianity is the only true religion.If Obama really is a Christian then he will not have a problem with any of that.

The guy is a liar and a very bad one at that because if you know anything about all the different ways of analysing and watching the body language ,eyes,tone of voice,speech, and most of all the eyes you should realise he is lying.

Ok in itself to be fair Obama cannot disprove a negative but there is loads of eviodence that says otherwise so it seems a bit dumb to continue to lie in the face of all that as the more he does that the worse it will be for him in the end.

Plus the fact only WEAK people lie.

A strong person would explain themselves and the lies and put closure on the matter and be done with it.

We prefer our Gods in the west to have a non specific generic name.

Its not the issue of what someones religion is if they are running for a presidency because really Religion here in the west has no place in politics although it has to be said that the 2 seem to have become a bit mixed lately as if to say any president or Prime minister who openly states that they are a Christian it somehow how gives them extra legitimacy and even elevates them to a certain extent and a covenient get out clause or a crutch to lean on .

I fully expect that if i said i hear voices in my head that were messages from God saying go and burn down the house next door and i acted upon those voices i would be sectioned.

YET it seems to be alright for Tony Blair to say that God influenced his decision to go to war with Iraq.

Think about it.

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