Wednesday, 13 August 2008


My year and a half old boiler has a fault that is a minor fault that is easily corrected.For the last week i have been having cold showers.I called Ariston to get the name of recommended boiler engineers to fix it.

I get the name of 1 engineer in Worthing whose telephone is either constantly engaged or i get a voicemail from some woman who sounded like a Chav saying he is on Holiday and will be back on the 4th of August .It is now the 13th of August.No reply to my voicemail messages that i have to somehow fit into the 8 to 10 seconds i am given.

No reply.

His name is Dean Widows.

Deans Widow.

Perhaps he is dead ?

Anyway fuck Ariston.

Very Sloppy.

I know some who does it locally who is 98% recommended online as a boiler engineer.

who answered my voicemail this evening and who will fix it tomorrow.

Its like trying to get blood out of a stone trying to get anyone to do anything even if its to their advantage.There are 2 others i know who could join the company i am joining to write out their CV [work related only] so it can be viewed by the company so that they can get work from this company as part of my team and never ever have to look for work ever again with the very real possibility of working on royal Palaces and stately homes and that sort of thing.They say they are very keen on this idea.

Only thing is i asked one of them 2.5 months ago and so far i have got nothing in reply.Nothing.

Well sorry position is now closed.


Too Late.

The other who i am working with on a conversion of a flat as he is the Architect designing the scheme who i gave the job of designing the scheme to who i am helping to get his scheme approved by the council planning and conservation dept because it is fraught with problems if you dont know the correct procedure and all the formalities who i have also offered half of the physical building work involved to says:

"I hate having to put my life down on paper.I just dont like doing it...."

I have asked 3 times now and still havent got it.


The friend who is an architect is very talented but lacks self motivation and drive to do anything for him self and is incapable of finding his own work and always has to be fed work by others like myself.He has been so short of work that he has to work with this guy i know who is also a loser jobbing builder and who will never be anything.My friend who is the architect cannot stand working with the guy who is the jobbing builder as he is a nightmare to work with for various reasons so i offer him a way out and he does not reciprocate.

So i dont know really.

Head-Wall-bang!-Head-Wall-bang!and so on.

So it seems to me like my Dad always says "People are losers because thats what they choose for themselves and thats the position they choose for themselves but dont listen to their whining .Its their own fault.They make their own choices in life so they made their own bed so they can lie in it" and that sort of thing.

Quite true really.

Like a close friend i knew who died .This person ended up homeless because of relationship problems etc who was it iturned out very ill with Leukemia but didnt realise it at the time.He thought he had ME."Mark you must get yourself checked out and get a second or third opinion and get treatment and see a specialist.I might as well not have bothered.

He was homeless so i put him up at mine for a while but thats alright up to a point as i dont have much space here and no spare bedroom.This guy was unemployed because he was on sickness benefit.So i lined him up with a flat from a landlord i knew who takes DHSS and housing benefit as most landlords dont accept DHSS and only take tenants who are working.I even gave him the money for a deposit to secure the flat.

He lost or spent the money [nearly a 1000 quid ] and never went to look at the flat ."Have you been to look at the flat yet Mark ??", "No but have you seen this article in UFO REality magazine ? Its really interesting etc etc ...""listen i dont give a Fuck about aliens and UFO Reality Magazine... Please go and see the flat and secure it because you cannot continue to sleep rough ".this fell on deaf ears and he continued to sleep rough in St Anns Wells gardens in winter which weakened him and exasipated his condition which resulted in him ending up in hospital where he want through some awful symptoms that affected his brain [as the Leukemia spread the most there] and then lapsed into a coma and a day or 2 later was dead.

Very sad and i still miss him and all because the stupid idiot wouldnt listen or do anything to help himself even when it was given to him on a plate.

So i dont feel any guilt or whatever as i did everything i could except physically force him to go to a specialist and take the flat.


People have their own free will and in the end you just let them do things their own way.

So even when i hand them a golden opportunity on a plate they still dont act on it.

I dont know what to do with them.

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